Window treatments


Window treatment ideas for patio doors and more

One of the most overlooked considerations of many homes are the window treatments. Window treatments serve many purposes. Beyond providing interior privacy, light control, insulation and aesthetic design, window treatments can aid in protecting your furniture and your flooring from harmful UV rays that can fade, warp or degrade many materials and finishes.

Your investment in quality window treatments is an investment in the protection of your home's furnishings and flooring as well. With 25 years of experience, our resident Hunter-Douglas consultant in blinds and shades, Traci Magnussen, has the technical knowledge and design skills to guide clients toward a perfect fit for their home's window treatment needs.

Window shades

Cellular shades
The classic honeycomb shade gently diffuses light through an innovative curved shape. providing ambiance, character energy efficiency to your home.

Pleated shades
Bold colors and patterns create lasting impressions in any room, while crisp pleats blend seamlessly with any decor.

Window panels
With clean lines and a sleek contemporary look, gliding window panels offer an excellent solution for any size window expanse or for a stylish room divider.

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Window blinds

Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds offer drama and elegance through an array of fabrics and vinyl, each with its own distinctive personality and appeal.

Wooden blinds
The beauty of natural, fine hardwood combined with authentic variations in grain and texture make wood blinds the perfect choice for any decor.

Custom blinds
Custom vertical blinds are available in a wide range of colors, textures and hues; a perfect solution for extra-large or hard to reach windows.
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