You’ve got a gift for mom, right?

You’ve got a gift for mom, right?

You’ve probably raced out WELL ahead of time and already
bought your Mom a wonderful gift. HOWEVER, if you’re like us, you’ve got a Mom who has EVERYTHING. Besides, what else could she possibly want? She has you.

While that philosophy is interesting (though not something we’d recommend that you tell your Mom), we thought a list of gift ideas would help so Mom isn’t disappointed this Mother’s Day:

1. Fun. How about taking her out for a day of shopping or just to dinner?

2. Your work. Offer to do a job for her around the house, like cleaning her floors or raking her yard. She’ll appreciate the effort, and you can keep your favorite child status.

3. Change something she doesn’t like. Ask her if she wants a new rug or light fixture. If she opts for the rug, head over to Y’s Way Flooring and we can help.

4. New flooring. We had to throw it in there. What Mom doesn’t want new flooring?

5. Carpet cleaning. Best part of this idea is that you don’t have to do the actual cleaning. Simply call your local Y’s Way Flooring and set up a day that works best for Mom.

Most importantly, don’t forget to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” We know she’ll appreciate your effort…just as you can appreciate ours: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOMS OUT THERE!