When should I get my carpets cleaned? Why should I clean my carpets?

When should I get my carpets cleaned? Why should I clean my carpets?

How often should I clean my carpets?

We know this is the answer you don’t want to hear because it’s not a definite number, but the general rule is that carpets should be cleaned every 12-18 months—more often if you have kids or pets. If you do, your carpets should be cleaned more often, but not with that rent-a-cleaner you can get at the local hardware store.

As convenient as a rental carpet cleaner is (and as great as it is for emergency stains), consider investing in a professional carpet cleaning to get maximum results. Professional carpet cleaning gives your carpets a deep clean that those rent-a-cleaners only dream of (and with a clean machine and water), and with better cleaning products—and natural ones if you contact a real pro.

Why should I give my carpets a good carpet cleaning?

While it’s easy to think about carpet cleaning after a pet accident, spill, or, in the case of one of our clients, a paint spill on her new area rug, a thorough deep carpet cleaning can have benefits beyond an emergency clean-up.

Allergen removal

Vacuuming is a great first step in your fight to remove allergens, but it only keeps allergens like dust, pet dander, dust mites and mold spores at bay—and it may not remove every allergen (even if you used our tips for keeping allergies away and buy an allergy-friendly vacuum). Think of vacuuming as the battle, and carpet cleaning as the winner of the war. Schedule a professional carpet cleaning to remove the allergens all the way down to the pad.


Once you’ve invested in a new carpet, it’s time to move on to the next step: taking care of your new carpet. Many carpet manufacturers even require you to take care of it by scheduling a regular professional carpet cleaning for the warranty. When, and how often, those carpet cleanings occur depends on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Pet Stain (& odor) removal

Once puppy training is done—and there is an end in sight (don’t worry dog owners!)—or while you’re still in the process of house training, scheduling a professional carpet cleaning can remove the stain and any odors from puppy accidents. Removing odors is important not just for your nose, but also for your puppy’s because puppies often pee or soil in the same spot—which they can smell, even if you can’t smell or see it.

Resale value

If you don’t carpet clean your carpets, three scenarios could arise if your carpets are stained: 1) you may have to carpet clean the carpets anyway; 2) the home owners could request a lower price to accommodate the cost of new flooring; or 3) your home may not sell because of the “gross” carpets. Needless to say, scheduling a professional carpet cleaning puts your home’s best foot forward—and can add dollar to your sale price.

Easy entertaining/holiday clean

Whether before or after your family holiday or night of entertaining, a professional carpet clean can bring new life to your home and carpets. If someone spilled on your brand new carpets or you need to cover up your latest carpet stain, schedule a carpet cleaning to get your home ready—or back in shape after your party.