What Type of Wood Flooring Is Best for My Project?

What Type of Wood Flooring Is Best for My Project?

So much thought and consideration go into selecting wood flooring. Unfortunately, choosing the wood flooring for your home is not as simple as determining whether you prefer light or dark wood. There are an array of types of wood to choose from which will ultimately depend on various factors.

What Type of Home Do You Have?

Your house type will influence the type of floor you are able to select. So will the room that you plan to put the flooring in. If you have a single-family home, the existing subfloor may influence the type of flooring that you should select. If you are installing the wood flooring in a mud room or in the basement, it is more likely that you will need engineered wood instead of hardwood due to the fact that these areas have a lot of moisture.

Does the Room See a Lot of Traffic?

If the room in which you are installing the new wood flooring has a lot of traffic, you should select a floor option that will stand up to regular wear and tear. The flooring must be durable, especially if you have a pet-friendly home. Choosing a denser wood instead of a softer wood will probably be a more reliable option.

What Is the Decor Like in the Room?

It is important that you choose wood flooring that perfectly complements the overall design of your room. For this reason, you should take your existing decor into consideration when making your selection.

If you already have wood in the room, it is important that you select a room that works with them and not against them. In general, some woods may be more suitable for country and cozy looks, while others may be a better fit for rooms that are modern and elegant.

Does the Room Get a Lot of Sunlight?

Extreme sunlight can take a toll on wood flooring. This can result in the wood color lightening or changing hues over time. It is important that you consider how much sun exposure the flooring will have. If the room has a lot of sun exposure, you will want to choose wood flooring that will stand up against the sun and not fade easily. In these situations, engineered products may be the better option

Is There a Specific Color You Are Looking For?

Every single type of wood has its own colors. You have the ability to add to the natural color of the wood with stain. This will help to create a more individualized and custom look for your space.

You should also take into consideration that not every single wood type will take every stain the same way. If there is a specific color of flooring that you desire for your space, you need to take into consideration how easy it will be for you to be able to achieve that look.

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