What is the right window treatment for my bedroom?

What is the right window treatment for my bedroom?

Usually light in your home is a good thing, unless you’re one of those homeowners who prefers to have a dark room when you sleep. For some people, sleeping in a completely dark room is more than a luxury; it’s a requirement for a good night’s sleep. Since no one wants to feel cranky and sleep-deprived (and we do love happy customers), we’ve put together a list of window treatments that can block out the light and guarantee a good night’s sleep.


Drapes fit right in in a traditional home and come in a variety of opacities. The darkest and heaviest options are ideal for a bedroom where light-blocking is a goal, though sheers can be added for a classic feel. Floor-to-ceiling drapes also make a window look larger than it is.


Shutters are a stylish investment that adds character to the bedroom and keeps the room dark. These window treatments can be custom-made to fit any window and give the room a traditional, southern, or beach-front look (and can be installed by the professionals).

Black out curtains

Curtains typically are made with a lighter fabric, but that doesn’t mean they can’t block light. When shopping for curtains, keep the other elements of bedroom décor in mind; too many patterns or colors can give a bedroom a busy or cluttered look. For functionality, look for curtains with a black out liner that can keep out the light and give you the good night’s sleep you desire.


man sitting in sunroom with blindsBlinds look great, come in a variety of colors and styles (stop in to see options for blinds), and can fit any size window, even those hard-to-reach windows. These window treatments can be fitted to skylights and can be controlled by remote or automatically with the sun rays. If privacy is also needed from these window treatments, the blinds can be installed to function from the bottom to top.


The right window treatment is not always one or the other but a combination of both, especially if you have a sitting area in your bedroom. Combine blinds with drapes for a dressed up and functional look. Sheer and heavy drapes can be combined to create a stylish and practical purpose. The perfect window treatments look great and serve a practical (and peaceful) purpose.