What are the best flooring options for your bedroom?

What are the best flooring options for your bedroom?

What kind of bedroom flooring is best for your home? The answer: depends on what you want, and what the purpose for that bedroom is. For example, if you’re using the bedroom as an office with a rolling chair, a hard and smooth surface works best so you can move around at your desk. So what’s the best flooring options for your bedroom? Here’s some of the most common, and a few unique flooring ideas for your bedroom:


Pros: Beautiful, INCREDIBLY durable, perfect for high traffic areas, adds value to your home

Cons: Water spills can damage (be careful if you want to extend the wood floor into your bathroom or in a kid’s room), price, can feel cold on your feet, requires protection on furniture to prevent scratches


Pros: Durable, soft to the feet, can take high-traffic areas (make sure you buy the right high-traffic carpet)

Cons: Not as easy to clean as hard floors, requires annual carpet cleaning, can be challenging to clean with pets


Pros: Can look like wood, easy to clean, durable, can feel very warm if over radiant/underfloor heating, perfect for installing in a master bedroom and bathroom, can take high-traffic

Cons: Very cold without radiant/underfloor heating (would not recommend installation in a bedroom without)

Radiant flooring (underfloor heating that warms your feet under the floor)

Pros: Very warm to your feet

Cons: Price, still have to purchase flooring to put over the top, can be expensive to run

Luxury vinyl

Pros: Looks just like wood, can be installed as a do-it-yourself project, VERY durable, can take high-traffic like a pro

Cons: Cold to the feet


Pros: Looks just like wood, very affordable, can be installed as a do-it-yourself project, very durable, perfect for high-traffic areas

Cons: Can scratch, does not take water spills very well

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