Ultimate flooring for every kind of man cave

Ultimate flooring for every kind of man cave

Wikipedia defines a man cave as: “a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.” However, many of our male customers use other words to describe their man space: “it’s my hideaway,” “my place where I can watch the game in peace,” “my hangout with my buddies,” and “a place where men can be men.” Whatever your definition of the ultimate man cave or man space is—a game room, grilling station, theater/media room, garage, game room, sports room, music space—don’t forget to research and select every detail for your man space, including the flooring. You don’t want to just slap down any flooring in your man space, you want flooring that can handle what, ahem, men do in their man cave:

Grilling station.
A proper grilling station is more than a patio, it’s a man space suitably equipped for barbeques with your family or your entire neighborhood. You’ll need a surface below the grill that is easy to clean after the party’s done and you’ve produced a gourmet grilling feast. Porcelain and slate tile fits the bill, as does stained concrete. Make sure to tell your salesperson that you are using tile for outdoor use, so they can point you to a tile suitable for the Grillmaster’s man space.

Theater/media room.
A media room needs awesome audiovisual equipment that can give your man cave the theater feel—and also flooring and wall coverings that can give you the optimal effect from that amazing sound system. The top-recommended flooring for theater/media rooms is carpet for acoustics, but other flooring can be used as long as you use area rugs and soft wall coverings. If your theater/media room is in the basement, avoid wood flooring. Use these tips for selecting the right flooring that works in a basement.

If your garage is your man room, choose flooring that is easy to clean and fits your needs. Epoxy coated floors, mats and vinyl flooring give you the look you want, and a functional space where you can work on your beloved automobile or create a masterpiece from wood. All of these garage floors are easy to clean and sweep away small pieces and parts, while mats can keep you comfortable as you spend time in your shed, workshop, or man space.

Game room.
If you need sound deadening flooring or want to match the felt on your pool table with your flooring, consider carpeting. For a game room in a basement, avoid hardwood because of moisture issues. You can use engineered wood flooring, tile or vinyl flooring instead; each of these floors can handle the moisture levels that come with Wisconsin basements. For the look of wood, consider one of the luxury vinyl floor products that look like wood, can be a DIY project and is known for durability (even during the most heated game battles).

If you have any questions, ask the experts at Y’s Way Flooring on Facebook, via email or in person. They can recommend flooring that gives your man cave the manly feel you want, and the functionality you need in your male sanctuary.