Touches that make every room look finished

Touches that make every room look finished

The touches that make a room look finished are, well, small—but this is a case where size doesn’t mean everything. From the smallest room to the most expansive, these finishing touches can make every room in your home go from just “okay” to “wow” and your home go from “it just needs something” to “it’s perfect.”

Living room

  • Window treatments. Unfinished windows can look naked and the room like a set of individual pieces (flooring, furniture, lighting) that don’t have that one element that pulls it all together. Use these tips to choose the perfect window treatment that checks off all the boxes: function, form, and finish. Or, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, lean on a designer to help you take that final design step.

  • Crown molding. In a traditional home, crown molding can make all the difference—and there are a lot of options to choose from. Select the right crown molding that works for you, and

  • Area Rug. An area rug can tie all the details of your room together and make your room look coordinated. To find the right area rug that fits your home, order a custom rug that is right for your space (if you need help, contact a designer that can assist you).


  • Tile. A tile surround can make a big impact, no matter the size of your bathroom. To coordinate the look, talk to a designer who can create a cohesive look from the floor to the ceiling. For a small half bath, turn on the wow factor with ceiling-to-floor tile. In a bathroom with a separate tub and shower, use different tiles to make your room look coordinated and create an incredible impression.



  • A backsplash makes a kitchen look finished and synchronized. The right backsplash can bring all the elements together, from the appliances to the cabinets to the floor. For a full kitchen remodel, coordinate the backsplash with the flooring, countertops, appliances, and cabinets. If you are adding a backsplash, try to take samples of other elements with you to the flooring store so you can find the right tile that pulls it all together.


  • Blinds. Adding blinds to a bedroom not only adds an aesthetic element, but it also serves a functional role. Blinds can serve as a light blocker, can block unpleasant views, and increase privacy. The right blinds also make your bedroom look complete, with the flooring, bedspread, and window treatments look well-thought through and complete.

  • Area rug. If you have hard floors in the bedroom, this finishing touch warms your toes and make your room look synchronized. Make sure you put protection under the rug to protect the floor and give your room a polished look.