Shower Floor Tile Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Shower Floor Tile Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel may cost you on average $26,574, but luckily, it has about a 60% ROI. This makes it a worthy upgrade to enjoy while you live in your home and cash in on the higher home value when you sell it. 

If you've decided to renovate your bathroom, a major part of updating it should include the tile work as this can be a focal point of the space. 

Use this guide to the top shower floor tiles ideas to make it as appealing as possible while increasing your home's value. 

Shower Floor Tile Ideas 

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the type of floor in your shower. And it is an important decision because the floor sets the stage for the rest of your bathroom design. 

Get some great ideas with this list of tile designs for your shower floor. 

Unique Colors

Not all bathrooms need to be modern by using neutral bathroom tile. Instead, try a unique color that will make your bathroom pop.

A unique blend of blue and purple will transform your shower into a tropical oasis. Or make it brighter with an orange or yellow to add artificial light in a bathroom with no windows.

You won't regret using color in your tile choice when it is done minimally and strategically. 

Geometric Patterns

Plain tiles may be simple, but you can use them to take a bold step. Create a more interesting bathroom by making geometry patterns with your plain tiles. 

Use shapes like triangles or even various-sized circles and ovals to create patterns that make your space look larger and that draw attention away from fixtures. This style elevates your bathroom to appear as a 5-star hotel. 

All White

Bathroom renovations are a chance to start fresh. If this is your goal then choose the elegance of all white tiles with definitive lines. This style is a mixture of classic and modern, which lead to a one-of-a-kind design. 

Off-white or cream colors paired with bright white tiles give your all-white bathroom just enough contrast to make it feel less like a doctor's office and more like an expensive villa. 


Tile is just one of three main bathroom floor options. Use tile on the walls of your shower matched with treated wood to create your own sauna. 

You can also use a few tile styles together for an eclectic design that will satisfy all members of your family. 

Floor to Ceiling

The tile in your shower doesn't have to end where the water hits. Carry your tile design all the way to the ceiling from the wall to enclose yourself in a cave of beautiful tiles while you shower. 

Dark Contrasting

A dark bathroom shower makes it easy to clean and offers a contrast to a light-colored vanity. Pairing dark tiles with wood makes your renovation look more expensive so you will get even more ROI. 

Tiny Tiles

Tiny tiles or penny tiles have been used for centuries because they are easy to adjust and make your own patterns. In addition to their versatility, penny tiles blend nicely with other bold colors and accents in your room. They are the perfect choice for low-key bathrooms or a bathroom on a budget. 

Large and Exaggerated

Bathroom floor tiles tend to be a certain size, but there is no rule that you can't go big. Choose larger tiles that you may typically use for a kitchen for your shower. This may mean that you only have four tiles on your shower floor and a few going along the wall. 

Be aware that grand tiles may look appealing but larger tile is more expensive and harder to install. They will need more care while shipping and carrying to your bathroom. Plus, they may require cutting to fit your space. 

Nautical Blue and White

If you want to use a bathroom remodel theme a popular style is nautical. There is something about feeling like you are at the beach or sailing through the ocean depths while taking a shower.

It feels more natural to be surrounded by blue and white. Maybe because it is the color of the sky reflecting off of the water. 

Try blue tiles outlined by smaller white accent tiles. Or for a more subtle option make white your primary color with blue splashes. 

Retro Return

While most people want to go more modern with their bath renovation, you can also go in the opposite direction. This can be achieved using pastel colors like blush and orange cream.

These tiles go well with gold fixtures and accents to complete the retro look. 

Floral Accents

Some people may think that floral patterns are outdated, but the right design can make floral sophisticated. The trick is to make them blend in by making them more graphic or abstract rather than literal. 

Be sure to limit the color options in your floral design so it doesn't look too busy, which would make it outdated once again. 

Intricate Busy

If you do want more design in your tile selection then it can be busy as long as it is stylish. Go with a floor mosaic with several colors paired with simpler tile on the walls and neutral color paint. 

The focal point in this design is the tile itself so keep everything else in your bathroom low-key. 

Diagonal Planks

Create the perception of more space and direct traffic flow with diagonal planked tiles. Most people think of vinyl planks for your bathroom but this doesn't work for your shower that needs to be waterproof.

Tiles are placed at an angle, alternating directions to create patterns using placement rather than tile design. 

Diagonal plank tiles are usually simplistic in color and design because otherwise, the pattern layout won't be noticeable if they are too busy. Try tile that has grooves to offer depth instead of color to your shower floor.

Classic Black and White

You can never go wrong with traditional black and white tiles in your bathroom. This design gives your bathroom a balance of contrast while keeping the color pallet simple. 

Adjusting your preference for dark and light is also easy. Just add more black than white for a deeper aesthetic and more white for a brighter mood. 

Hexagon Pattern

Another classic tile design is all about shape. Hexagon patterns make installing easy because tiles have six sides to lay tile starting in the middle of your floor and expanding outward in all directions. 

However, this doesn't require the use of all the same tiles. Mix different shades of grey to display the hexagonal pattern more clearly in this design. 

Bold Statement

Go bold with tile that stands out in size and color. Use one large tile for your shower floor to make it a statement on its own. Use a contrasting color to highlight your bold decision around your bathroom floor and walls. 

Multiple Tile Styles

Having trouble choosing your bathroom floor tile? Pick several cohesive tiles that include accent details mixed with solid colors. You can also choose a template of blending hues like tans and browns paired with different shades of blue. 

Use small glass tiles in between larger stone tiles for a contrasting array of textures. 

Vertical Thin 

Instead of using square or hexagon-shaped tiles, go for long and thin tiles cut into strips. This design makes your floor look longer with cleaner lines.

Offset the long tiles and use a few different colors to create unique patterns that go a long way in creativity.


The checkerboard floor is a timeless look that never gets old because it makes a bold statement without being too over the top. Solid color tile tones create a large dramatic pattern, making it appealing to the eye. 

And, you don't have to be too traditional using only black and white tiles. Try brown and white or other contrasting shades to keep it simple yet new. 

Bold Brick Tile

Some tiles can be deceiving but in a good way. Create an industrial look with tile that appears to be brick. These can be traditional red tiles or resemble painted grey or white brick. 

Blending Bathroom Floors

Use the same tile for your whole bathroom floor. Blending the main floor with the shower floor creates cohesion and draws you in so that you may never want to leave the bathroom. 

It also gives the illusion of space so your entire bathroom looks bigger and bolder. 

Include the tile halfway up the wall for even more of a dramatic effect. Just be sure that you like the tile because you will be seeing it everywhere you turn. 

Getting Help With Your Shower Floor Design

Now that you know your options for shower floor tile ideas, it is time to pick one. Still confused? You may have the perfect bathroom design in mind but don't know how to create it using the right tile.

Luckily, Y's Way Flooring is here to help. Contact our design consultant to get started.