Questions to ask before buying new carpet

Questions to ask before buying new carpet

There are many different kinds of carpet on the market (and we don’t
just mean different colors!). It can be challenging to choose the right carpet for your home—and, if you’re like most people, it’s not a decision you take lightly. No one wants to invest their time and effort into buying new carpeting only to replace it within a short time.

The first step to buying the right carpet is to find floor experts to help you with the decision. Talk to local pros to find out what carpet is right for your home. Give them information like what room you want the carpet for, if it’s a high traffic area (that gets a lot of foot and paw traffic), estimated size of your room, and any other information that would play into your decision. Once you start looking at carpet samples, ask your carpet salesman:

Is the carpet water-resistant?

This is a question you should ask if your carpet is near an exterior doorway or bathroom. Water-resistant carpet can also come in handy if you have to deal with frequent spills and accidents.

Is this product meant for high traffic areas? Does this carpet have any built-in protection for stains?

If you have a busy household, this question is a must. Some carpets are produced specifically for high-traffic households. Look for carpets that have durability features, such as water-resistant or air-freshening. Unfortunately, you may have to steer away from shag carpets which do not always hold up the best in high-traffic households.

What kind of upkeep does this carpet require? What is the warranty?

No one wants to think about their new carpet under-performing, but this question can save you from a lot of stress later. Evaluate how much upkeep you can provide (vacuuming and carpet cleaning), and choose a carpet that matches your time and effort. For example, if you want carpet for a playroom but don’t have a lot of time for maintenance, ask about carpet tiles that you can pull up and replace when they get damaged or stained.

To prevent any damage, also ask your salesman about your vacuum cleaner to ensure that your appliance won’t damage your new carpet. The type of vacuum cleaner you use may also come into question if you need to use the warranty.

Don’t hesitate to ask your carpet salesman for a carpet they’ve seen work in other local homes. A good carpet retailer can tell you has worked and hasn’t worked at other customer’s homes.

What is the total cost (with installation, carpet pad, etc.)?

If you’re on a tight budget, ask your salesman to give you an idea of the total cost. Remember, this is only an estimate; you’ll get a better idea when an estimator comes to your home and measures the room. Your estimator can also give you an idea of any additional costs, such as doors that need to be modified or thresholds that need to be replaced.

There are other questions that you can ask your salesman, such as asking about a softer carpet recommendation or a carpet that can be made into an area rug. Once your new carpet is installed, you can relax and be grateful you asked all those questions.