Mosaic backsplash tiles: Types, benefits and where to buy them

Mosaic backsplash tiles: Types, benefits and where to buy them

Considering a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom? Or are you only looking to update a few details?

Picking the right kitchen or bathroom backsplash is key to setting the whole room’s style tone. While it seems like a small part of the overall scheme, a backsplash can bring personality to a minimalistic room or clean the palette while other details shine.

If you’ve just picked out some great new vinyl plank flooring, choosing mosaic tiles in Watertown will be the perfect match once you leave the flooring store, head over to find the perfect tiles.

How? In this guide, you’ll learn the types of mosaic tiles, their benefits, and where to buy them.

Types of mosaic tiles

To understand mosaic tile backsplashes, you first must understand mosaics. Mosaics, by definition, are works of art created by piecing together small colored materials to create a pattern or picture when you stand back and view the entire piece. If you want your kitchen or bathroom remodel to be a work of art, mosaic tiles are right for you.

Mosaic tiles for your home have a similar effect to mosaic works of art. Many tinier tiles are put together to reveal a bigger pattern or picture on your walls or floors. You can choose to do this yourself or buy pre-made tiles sections that you can quickly apply.

There are different materials and styles of mosaic tiling to choose from for your backsplash.

Glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tiling consists of glass tiles, just like the name. These mosaic backsplashes can come in different sheens and colors.

The glass tiles you choose can be clear, opaque, or mirrored. The type of glass you choose will determine how light enters and reacts with the tiling. If you’re looking to brighten up the room, glass mosaic tiles are definitely for you.

If you have a particularly sunny kitchen or bathroom, glass mosaic tiles will have almost an ethereal effect. Especially if you choose mirrored tiles, your whole room will shimmer. If you struggle to get light in your room, glass tiles can also be great for helping the light you have to bounce around the room.

Stone mosaic tiles

If you love the old-world look of mosaic tiling in ancient cities like Pompeii or Athens, then you’ll love stone mosaic tiles. Stonemasons throughout time have been able to cut stone into tiny pieces that fit together to create huge works of art. You can have the same effect in your home.

You can choose to achieve floral patterns, geometric patterns, and more. If your desired pattern has too many curves and details, a stonemason could use waterjet technology instead to make sure the cuts required are possible.

If you’re looking for a mosaic look without having a true mosaic, you can try etched stone tiles. Etched stone tiles are stone tiles that have designs carved into them.

Or, you can try hand-painted stone tiles. This type of mosaic backsplash allows you to see a bigger picture put together with tinier pieces, but instead, it’s because the tiles are painted. This type of backsplash is very popular for people who want to see the famous fruit bowl painting or something similar.

Medallions or mural mosaic tiles

If you like the idea of displaying a more identifiable symbol or picture of some kind, but you’d rather the stone do the talking, this is for you. Waterjet technology has allowed stonemasons to cut stone in shapes they were never able to before. Because of this advancement, stone tiles can now be assembled more seamlessly and flawlessly to create pictures and symbols.

A famous version of this is medallions, which look much like what would appear on a traditional compass.

Benefits of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are so versatile that you can practically accomplish anything with them. These tiles come in every color and pattern you can imagine and several different types of materials. You can find mosaic tile backsplashes for any room, whether you love earthy rustic tones or you have a sleek and modern style.

You can also choose to make your mosaic tiles seriously stand out with personality and flair or only provide a subtle texture to your room. If you love mosaic tiles but don’t think your room can handle them, you can choose to apply them in only a small section to add detail without being overpowering.

Finally, mosaic tiles come in pre-made sections, so you’ll never have to assemble the mosaic backsplash yourself. Just apply the side of the section by the side and add grout to achieve a seamless finish.

Matching Your backsplash with vinyl plank flooring

The best part about mosaic tile backsplashes is that they are so easy to match with your new luxury laminate flooring. Both mosaic tiling and luxury vinyl sheet flooring is so versatile that you can achieve almost any style and vision in your kitchen and bathroom.

Whichever one you picked out first, flooring or tiling, bring a sample to the other store to match them up. If you haven’t picked either yet, pick out your favorites and mix and match samples to see what goes.

The key to matching your flooring and backsplash is to pick up subtle tones in each one without exactly matching them in color and pattern. Or, you can choose not to match at all but only choose complementary colors. These methods will make sure they complement each other nicely.

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