Luxury vinyl tile pros and cons

Luxury vinyl tile pros and cons

Choosing tile for your home comes with a lot of research, including (inevitably) delving into the pros and cons of luxury vinyl tile. There are so many tile flooring options: porcelain, marble, ceramic, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). If LVT isn’t on your list already, it should be; luxury vinyl tile is becoming one of the most popular choices for home owners in almost every type of room.

Luxury vinyl tile prosLuxury vinyl tile cons
DurableCan be punctured or scratched
AffordableSubfloor must be level
Suitable for rooms with high humidity 
Easy to care for 
Softer than other tiles 
Easy to install 
Tons of styles available 

Luxury vinyl tile pros


Luxury vinyl tile was traditionally installed mainly in commercial spaces because it wears well in high-traffic spaces and lasts for many years. The durability of this flooring comes from its construction, making it suitable for businesses and homes (including homes with pets). Luxury vinyl tile is manufactured in four layers, including a protective wear layer that looks brand-new for years in almost any room.


LVT is water-resistant, meaning it still looks great when water is spilled. Luxury vinyl tile’s water resistance also makes it ideal for homes with kids and pets (in case of an occasional pet accident). Because it is not damaged by water, luxury vinyl tile is suitable for rooms with high-humidity: bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and workshops.


One of the chief reasons luxury vinyl tile is the flooring chosen by business and home owners is the amount of care needed (or lack of). Luxury vinyl tile requires regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove debris and an occasional mop. If a vacuum is used for cleaning, you can use these tips to select the right vacuum that won’t damage the luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Softer tile

Compared to other tiles, luxury vinyl tile is a softer flooring option and won’t break fragile items if dropped. This makes LVT ideal in kitchens because plates and cups won’t break if it is dropped accidentally. In a work area, luxury vinyl tile is softer underfoot, which can be helpful if you stand for long amounts of time on the floor.

Easy installation

Luxury Vinyl Tile and its counterpart, luxury vinyl plank flooring, is fairly easy-to-install—especially with these LVT flooring instructions and professional flooring advice. These tiles can also be installed as a floating floor or with grout (ask a flooring pro if your installation requires an expansion gap). Because these tiles tend to have a lower profile, it is easier to install these tiles around cabinets and doors. LVT flooring is one of many floors that can be installed in basements.

Many available styles

One of the top pros of luxury vinyl tile is the huge amount of styles and colors available that can match with any décor. Luxury vinyl tiles come in modern designs and imprinted with texture for a close match to stone and wood floors. Some LVT flooring resemble the look of wood without the fear of water damage, giving home owners the chance to add the look of wood to bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.

Luxury vinyl tile cons

Potential for damage

Like any other flooring, luxury vinyl tile can be punctured or scratched. Fortunately, LVT is hard to damage, but easy to replace.

Level subfloor

Luxury vinyl can be installed over a subfloor or another type of flooring, but the subfloor does need to be level and prepped for installation. Fortunately, prepping the sub floor and installing the LVT floors are fairly simple so you can enjoy your new floors sooner.