Last Minute Tips that’ll Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Last Minute Tips that’ll Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

We’re all down to the wire. It’s the proverbial holiday go time, and it’s up to you to get your home ready for all the Christmas get-togethers, family time, and holiday cheer that your home can take.

Make a list, and check it twice.

It’s time to think like Santa: make a to-do list and check it twice. Make sure you have an organized list so you can move from one task to another without wasting time thinking about what to do next. If you are in the middle of any home remodeling projects, finish as best you can or make it safe enough for your guests. (If you need any assistance, stop in at your local flooring and tile store for last minute supplies and advice.)

Worry about your exterior.

We’re not talking about adding extra holiday decorations to your home. When getting ready for your family coming to town or a big family holiday celebration, don’t just concentrate on the inside of your home. Worry about the outside: the driveway, the sidewalks, the door. Make sure your walks are clear of snow and ice. Have your driveway cleaned out, or clean it out yourself so no one gets stuck.

Carry your cleaning supplies together.

If you want to get your home clean, and cleaned quickly, carry your cleaning supplies with you from place to place in a tray or tub. Just like a list, this saves you time running from place to place looking for supplies.

Deep clean your hardwoods with care.

No matter how much of a hurry you are in, don’t just throw some water on your hardwood floors and walk away. Also, don’t fast track your hardwood deep clean with a steam cleaner; it can have the same effect and permanently damage your floors. Follow these steps for deep cleaning your floors, and make sure you don’t leave puddles when you are done.

Prepare for guests.

Anticipate your guests, and their needs, before they arrive. Stock up on everything your out-of-town guests need, and stock their room and bathroom accordingly. Add storage options for their things, or clear out closet or dressers they can use. For shorter term guests, clean out your front hall closet or coat rack to accommodate the jackets and winter gear they are arriving with. Put out mats at each door to keep the snow on their boots and shoes off your floors. A few minutes of preparation can make your holidays merrier—for you and your guests.