Last Minute Tips that Get Your Home Ready (FASTER!)

Last Minute Tips that Get Your Home Ready (FASTER!)

Are you expecting a house full of guests? Do you feel overwhelmed by your huge list of cleaning? Things need to get done FAST. We won’t waste any more of your time; instead use these tips to get your home ready (quickly!) for all the people (and fun!) that is to come.

Pre-clean as much as possible.

One of the most effective ways to make your cleaning better and faster is to pre-clean as much as possible before you dig in. Sweep the floor before you mop. Pick up clutter. Wipe down counters. Spray cleaners that need to “soak in” before you scrub.

Take a few minutes to prepare BEFORE you tackle the cleaning.

Before you scrub a counter or clean the toilet, organize yourself (and your team hopefully!). Gather all the supplies you need, such as cleaners, sponges, brooms, and mops. Make a list of every cleaning and maintenance task that needs to be done around the house and assign a member of your family to each task.

Carry your supplies with you.

If you want to speed up the cleaning process, carry your cleaning supplies with you. When you clean the bathrooms in your home, gather all the cleaners and cleaning supplies together. Put them in a carrying case and take them with you from bathroom to bathroom. When you’re pressed for time, don’t experiment with new cleaners. Talk to the professionals for recommendations for cleaners that won’t damage or discolor your floors and counters. If there is no other option that a new-to-you cleaner, test the cleaner on a surface or flooring that is not visible to guests—before you use it everywhere as you clean.

Divide and conquer.

When time is of the essence (and guests are coming!), don’t take a whole-home cleaning on yourself. Split up the checklist and assign each room or cleaning task to every person on your team. Then, divide and conquer until the home is clean and ready for a get-together.

Don’t forget the outdoors.

First impressions count when your guests pull up to your home. Don’t forget to clean walks, do yard work, and include all the outdoor maintenance and cleaning tasks that impress your guests before they even walk through the door.

Minimize the after-party clean up.

There’s no shame in prepping your home now so your clean-up list is shorter when all the fun is done. Put rugs by all the doors (inside and outside) to catch any mud or debris that can get tracked in to your home. Keep a cleaner and towel or wash cloth in arm’s reach so you can mop up any spills and prevent warping or damage to your floor. You can also ask guests to leave their shoes at the door. Lastly, schedule a professional carpet cleaning that can make your home look like a house full of fun never happened.