Is vinyl plank flooring good in a bathroom?

Is vinyl plank flooring good in a bathroom?

Vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom? Yes! Vinyl is definitely on the list of bathroom flooring options, and luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is no exception.

Vinyl plank flooring in bathroom: Pros and cons

DurableMay scratch or puncture
Water-resistantDoesn’t add value to a home
Available in a wide variety of styles
Possible DIY project
Able to install over radiant underfloor heating

Durable and water-resistant

Vinyl plank flooring is incredibly durable and water-resistant, perfect for humid bathrooms prone to spills. Spills are easily cleaned up with damp towel. LVP floors are as durable as tile and are significantly softer.


Vinyl plank flooring is available in a variety of attractive styles. Many vinyl plank floors resemble wood, allowing owners to enjoy the look of wood without worry about water damage. Luxury vinyl plank floors are available in almost color and style so they easily match with bathroom décor.


Vinyl plank is fairly easy-to-clean, requiring very little maintenance. These floors only require a regular sweep and occasional mop to stay looking new. If soap or shampoo spills on the bathroom floor, it can easily be cleaned up.

Able to install over radiant underfloor heating

LVP is installed over radiant heating for a luxurious warmth. The thermostat of the radiant underfloor heating should be set at a temperature specified by the manufacturer (other guidelines for installing LVP over radiant underfloor heating can be found here).

Do-it-yourself capability

Vinyl plank floors is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. Ask a flooring professional to see vinyl plank floors that snap together when shopping for bathroom flooring. Before installing a luxury vinyl plank floor, the flooring needs to be brought into the bathroom to acclimate. The subfloor should also be prepped for a completely level and quality install. (Use these other guidelines for an easy do-it-yourself luxury vinyl plank installation.)


Luxury vinyl plank floors are easy-to-clean, so it is a great bathroom flooring option for homes with pets. In the bathroom, this means pets can relax, plus it is easy to give pets a bath (unless they don’t like to take a bath!)


Luxury vinyl plank is a fairly affordable flooring option for bathrooms. If the budget is tight, ask a flooring professional for LVP flooring that is do-it-yourself friendly.


May scratch

The only downfall of luxury vinyl plank floors is that they may scratch. One way to prevent this issue is to add felt pads to furniture to prevent scratching and punctures.

Doesn’t add value to a home

Wood floors increase the property value. (Highly desirable floors like marble can do the same). However, wood floors should be only installed in a bathroom with a high rate of caution because it can warp and stain because of high humidity and spilled water. Marble flooring tends to be porous and may need regular care and maintenance. Luxury vinyl plank floors do not add value to a home, though it is available in styles that closely match the look of wood and marble.

Types of vinyl flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is part of a family of durable luxury vinyl floors. All vinyl floors are water-resistant and suitable for bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.

Vinyl plank

Vinyl plank is the luxury vinyl floor available in planks. These floors are similar to a solid wood plank, however they are made of vinyl and are water-resistant.

Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile is comparable to porcelain tile, however it is much softer. These tiles are available in squares as longer, more modern tiles. Some luxury vinyl tile flooring resembles the look of wood. Luxury vinyl tile can be installed with or without grout.

Sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring is available in long rolls. This floor is very cushioned and soft underfoot. It is also the most water-resistant of all vinyl floors because it is installed without seams.