Is luxury vinyl sheet flooring or plank flooring the better choice?

Is luxury vinyl sheet flooring or plank flooring the better choice?

Did you know the vinyl flooring market is estimated to be worth around $25.6 billion a year? Vinyl is becoming the world’s most popular flooring choice for good reason. But when it comes to deciding between planks or sheets, do you know which is best?

This can depend on a number of factors. Read on as we discuss luxury vinyl sheet flooring and planks, then decide which is best for you.

What Is the difference?

Vinyl has become extremely popular for a number of reasons. Mainly, this is its durability, cost, and its ability to mimic lots of hardwood surfaces, colors, and textures.

Sheet vinyl flooring comes in large rolls. It is constructed from layers, with a photographed image of the chosen finish underneath the top wear layer. It can be rolled out, cut to size then affixed to the floor.

Planks come in packs. Although they do not have the ease with which they can be rolled out, many of them are designed for easy installation. They often have a tongue and groove locking mechanism that makes them slot together.

Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring has a number of pros, many of which outweigh the cons. You should take all of these into consideration when visiting the flooring store and are deicing what is best for you.

Plank flooring pros

Plank flooring is moisture resistant. If you are working in a place where spillages are frequent, or even in humid and wet areas, it is a great option. Any liquids on the surface won’t damage the appearance of your flooring and only need mopping.

Plank flooring can also withstand heavy footfall and traffic. Made from commercial-grade layers, it is resistant to scuffs, marks, and lots of use. Part of this comes from its heavy construction, with different grades of durability available.

You can even attempt DIY installations, as most flooring has a click-lock, loose lay method for easy installation. Finally, it comes in a range of styles and colors. You can have the appearance of real wood without any of the hassle.

Plank flooring cons

The most well-known cons regarding plank flooring is its removal method. When planks become glued down, you will find them very hard to remove. If you are planning to use them temporarily, you may wish to skip this part when laying them.

While surfaces are durable, they can be softer than some hardwoods and tiles. This means the surface can puncture with sharp objects, and even dent with heavy ones. If you may be placing and moving large objects, other options may be better suited.

Finally, it can fade in sunlight. Avoid placing planks in sunlit rooms. They are also hard to recycle, so are not suitable for the environmentally conscious.

Luxury vinyl sheet flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring and planks share a lot of the same benefits. However, you need to think about the use and how much wear it will get before deciding which to install.

Vinyl sheet flooring pros

Just like planks, vinyl sheet is water-resistant. The materials it is made from, such as PVC, will not spoil went they have liquid placed on them. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are ideally suited to this.

All sheet vinyl has a clear surface barrier on it. This makes them extremely easy to maintain. Sheets will not need stripping or resurfacing at all.

One advantage it has over planks is that it is also a lot softer. This provides a cushion when walking, making it much more suitable for residential settings. Some can even be bought with extra layers of padding for the utmost luxury.

Sheet vinyl is also very cost-effective. You will find it is cheaper than planks and other floor coverings. This is because the process used to create the huge rolls has very little waste and can be made easily.

You do need to be able to make precise cuts and take measurements when installing it. Apart from that, it is more or less just a case of rolling it out and affixing it, a very easy process.

It also comes in a range of finishes, so you can make it look like any hardwoods you want. With so many different colors and textures, you are sure to see something that fits your decor.

Vinyl sheet flooring cons

The biggest con with vinyl sheet flooring is that when laying, you need a perfect sub-layer to place it upon. If it is not smooth, over time it will damage the surface above. Even small stones and grit can wear through in high traffic areas.

Vinyl sheet flooring is also hard to repair. Whereas planks can be lifted and replaced individually, you don’t have that option with rolls. Like planks, it also becomes easily discolored by sunlight.

Considerations to make

The first consideration to take into account is your budget. Vinyl sheet will usually be cheaper than planks, though this does depend on the quality and build of the materials you are buying.

After this, think of its use. In the home, sheet vinyl may be a better choice because of its softer nature. However, in commercial properties, it may be better to get the harder, more durable option of planks.

Go to Google, search for a “Floor store near me” and email them the measurements of your room. They will have a range of options for your size and budget and are sure to help you out.

Floor stores near me

Now you can make an informed decision on if to choose luxury vinyl sheet flooring or planks, then speak with a professional. They will help you decide on the finishes and grade of flooring you need.

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