How Do I Know if My Carpet Needs Stretched?

How Do I Know if My Carpet Needs Stretched?

If installed correctly, floor carpet can last for a very long time. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your carpet may loosen and begin to ripple. If you notice any wrinkles or bubbles in your carpet, it may be time for you to stretch it. This process can help to prolong the life of your carpet so that you do not need to rush to replace it.

Why Do Carpets Buckle?

There are several reasons why a carpet can come loose. Exposure to moisture and age are just some of the factors that may cause thecarpet to buckle. Unfortunately, excess heat and humidity can also contribute to this happening. Other reasons can include:

  • If the wrong padding was used during the installation process.
  • If the room is exposed to heavy traffic.
  • If the carpet was not installed properly.
  • If you frequently move heavy furniture by sliding it along the carpet.

Thankfully, buckling on the carpet does not generally mean that you will have to replace the entire flooring. There are many cases where you can just have it stretched.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet stretching involves taking a carpet that has bunched up and placing it back into its original state. There are several steps that are involved in this process. These include:

  • Clearing out the space to ensure the entire carpet is exposed.
  • Vacuuming and shampooing the carpet to make sure that it is clean and ready to go. The carpet should dry completely before the stretching occurs.
  • Removing any tacks and tacking strips.
  • Replacing the tacks and tacking strips with brand-new ones to ensure the carpet will adhere to them strongly.
  • Using a knee kicker and a power stretcher to smooth the carpet. The carpet will be compressed along the wall securely.
  • Removing any excess carpet edges around the wall area.

How Can I Tell if My Carpet Needs to Be Stretched?

There are generally obvious signs that your carpet may need to be stretched. Common signs include that your flooring may be wrinkled, lumpy, or rippled in appearance. You may also see that there are areas on the flooring that do not lie smooth and flat on the surface. Additionally, if the rug is piling up along the edges of the baseboards, it could indicate that it is time for the carpet to be stretched.

Why You Should Have a Professional Stretcher Carpet

Carpet stretching is not a simple task to perform. It requires strength, experience, energy, and specialized tools. For this reason, it is a job that is best left up to the professionals. A skilled and experienced flooring specialist will be able to fix your carpet within a day, providing you with superior results that you can expect to last.

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