Floors perfect for the laundry room

Floors perfect for the laundry room

If you fit into any of these categories:

  • have a family with little kids that spill, spill and spill some more,

  • a family of older “kids” who need a different jersey for every game, practice and, well, that favorite shirt that makes them look “just right,”

  • a house with four-legged kids who somehow seem to always need blankets and other favorites laundered,

  • you have a messy job or occupation that dirties clothes CONSTANTLY;

there’s a good chance you probably feel like you spend most of your life in the laundry room, making it one of the most important rooms in your house (even if it’s not always the most fun). It’s also the room that you should think the hardest about flooring, because the laundry room is a high-traffic room with a high moisture level and water spill potential (or even flooding, yikes!). So what are your options?

1. Vinyl.
Get rid of those ugly pictures in your head of nasty, patterned cheap-looking vinyl. Today’s vinyl has the look and appearance of wood (really!) and stone, and comes in almost any color you can imagine. Vinyl is also easy to install, durable and handle any water spill you throw at it.

2. Tile.
Ceramic or porcelain, doesn’t matter. Both kinds of tile are mildew resistant. They are also easy to clean and look beautiful. Ceramic and porcelain comes in virtually any color, and can be installed in a square or diagonal pattern with any color of grout you choose.

3. Slate.
Slate is a stone with a variety of colors and strengths. It also comes in large and small square tiles, and as long rectangular tiles for a modern look. Best yet, slate tiles are durable and stain and water resistant, making it ideal for your laundry room.

4.Radiant floor heating.
We know radiant floor heating is not technically a type of flooring, but radiant floor heating is ideal for Midwestern homes. Radiant floor heating keeps your feet warm, and can be installed under almost any kind of flooring. If you want tile floors that are warm in summer and our cold Wisconsin winters, radiant floor heating is right for you.

If your laundry room is in your basement, and you are installing the flooring over a concrete slab, be sure to mention that to the flooring professionals when you check out your flooring options for your laundry room. They can give you tips specifically for installing flooring over a slab, or can suggest flooring that can handle the changes concrete goes through as our Wisconsin temperatures rise and fall throughout the year.

Don’t feel like you can choose the right flooring for your laundry room? Or do you want to hear what laundry room flooring works best for other homeowners? Contact Y’s Way Flooring via email or on their Facebook page, or stop in at any location in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc. Their flooring professionals can tell you what they’ve seen work best, set up installation or give you tips if you are a do-it-yourselfer. If nothing else, they can give you flooring that makes all that time you spend in your laundry room a little more bearable.