Floor cleaning tips that get you through the holidays

Floor cleaning tips that get you through the holidays

The holidays are time of holiday gatherings, decorating for get-togethers, and cleaning for holiday parties. Add in our winter weather, and you can see that the holidays are really hard on our floors. That’s why we’ve put together these floor cleaning tips that get your flooring through the holidays without looking like it was trampled on by Santa and all his reindeer.

Protect your floors from your Christmas tree.

A real Christmas tree can be a beautiful holiday decoration, but the water in the stand can be hazardous for your floors. Before you put up your Christmas tree, put a tray under the stand to ensure that water does not spill and damage or stain your floor.

Don’t skimp on the rugs.

Everyone tracking snow and water in and out of your home may be part of fun holiday gathering, but it can do real damage to your floors. Put down rugs by every door to catch anything your guests track in. If you want everyone to leave their shoes by the door, organize an area for your guests so they can easily leave and find their shoes when all the fun is over.

Make sure you are protected from scratches with felt pads.

One of the best ways to protect your wood and laminate floors is by putting felt pads on the bottom of your furniture (couches, table, chairs, etc.) Felt pads do wear down, so make sure you replace the felt pads with new ones from time to time.

Be careful using a steam cleaner on wood floors.

Steam cleaners can be tempting when you’re trying to give your floor a deep clean for your holiday gatherings, but be careful. Steam cleaners can damage wood floors, and many of the top wood floor manufacturers do not recommend using a steam cleaner on wood flooring. The manufacturer’s warranty can also be voided if you clean a wood floor with a steam cleaner.

Keep a cleaner and rag close at hand.

Water spills (like melted snow) can damage laminate and wood floors. Soda and wine spills can leave a permanent mark on your carpeting. Be ready to clean up those flooring stains with a soft rag and cleaner that you can grab quickly every time you see a spill (and make sure you blot, don’t scrub, at the spill).

Don’t test out your floor cleaner for the first time over the holidays.

To avoid carpet discoloration and damage, make sure you test out your cleaner on an area that’s not visible to your guests. Test your cleaner in a closet or corner so you can be confident in your cleaner every time you clean your carpet. If you want a floor cleaner that the pros would recommend, stop in at your local flooring store.

Make sure you include vacuuming and dry moping in your holiday clean-up.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your floors look like new (and can be invaluable if you have to file a warranty claim). When all the holiday fun is over, make sure you vacuum and dry mop so your floors look like the day they were installed.

Schedule a post-holiday carpet clean.

After all the holiday gatherings are over, have your floors professionally carpet cleaned to rid your floors of any dirt that came from an entertaining holiday season. A professional carpet clean can also remove allergens, giving you and your family a fun winter even after the holidays are done.