Feeling cold…inside? Warm up with radiant flooring.

Feeling cold…inside? Warm up with radiant flooring.

We’re not going to lie to you, or try to tell you that our current Wisconsin wind chills aren’t FREEZING! But when your interior rooms feel as cold as the outside, it’s time for a change. In addition to the usual suspects to warm your home like replacing a furnace, drafty windows and doors, consider radiant floor heating. Why?

1. It’s warm under your feet.

2. It can be controlled by a thermostat to increase efficiency.

3. It’s perfect for a small room that you can’t run ducts to, like a bathroom.

4. Water spills dry extremely fast in a room with radiant floor heating.

5. Did we mention it’s warm under your feet? Because that needs to be mentioned twice!

6. It can be installed in a new home build or retrofitted for an existing home.

7. You don’t need hydronic heating to install radiant heating. (An electric mat works too.)

8. You can lay almost any kind of flooring over the top—-but not every kind of flooring.

Have we sold you? If radiant floor heating sounds like an excellent choice for your home (or you just want to warm up from these freezing cold wind chills!), now move on to the next question. What kind of flooring can I install over radiant floor heating? Good question, and the good news is you have numerous flooring options that can be installed over radiant floor heating:

1. Carpet.
That soft and cozy flooring not cozy enough? When installing carpet over radiant heating, talk to the experts to make sure that you use the right pad and carpet.

2. Laminate.
Think beyond laminate wood flooring. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles, and can have the look of stone, tile or even concrete. Whatever the look, laminate flooring is a floating floor, meaning it can be installed over a radiant heating system.

3. Tile
—any kind! If you are laying a tile that can be cold to your toes, such as porcelain tile, radiant flooring is your answer. Tile conducts heat naturally, leaving you with an even heat that is easy-to-clean and mildew resistant. Tile is also one of the easiest floors to install over radiant flooring.

4. Engineered hardwood.
With the look of real wood and the floating floor properties of laminate, engineered hardwood is an ideal floor for homeowners that want wood floors and the warmth of radiant heating.

For specific products and recommendations, visit our flooring experts at any Y’s Way Flooring in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc. We can tell you what flooring we’ve seen work at other Wisconsin homes, and give you tips so you don’t feel left out in the cold in your own home.