Durable entryway flooring ideas (that look great!)

Durable entryway flooring ideas (that look great!)

Puddles, snowy boots, sand, gravel, wet footprints, foot traffic, paw traffic. Home entryway flooring has to be durable enough to handle it all—and still look terrific enough for guests. The list of flooring ideas tough enough to be installed in an entryway are fairly short, but the amount of styles and entryway flooring design ideas are practically endless (stop in and see entryway flooring styles). Homeowners can narrow down their options by choosing the flooring that fits best in terms of style and durability (or ask the flooring professionals for entryway floors that have been installed in other homes).

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl floors can look like wood or tile, but without the maintenance that comes with grout and wood. Installing wood floors in an entryway comes with a risk and a disclaimer; wood floors can be stained and damaged by standing water. In some cases, wood floors can even be warped by high humidity and water. Luxury vinyl planks closely resemble the look of hardwood floors (so close that it’s hard to tell!) while still being able to handle all the puddles, snowy boots, and wet paws that track through the front door. As an added bonus, luxury vinyl plank floors can be installed as a do-it-yourself floating floor.

luxury vinyl plank floorLuxury vinyl flooring can also look like any style of tile and can be installed with or without grout, making entryway floor cleaning easy and straightforward. Luxury vinyl tiles (and planks) only need to be swept or dry mopped on a regular basis. Any unexpected spills on a luxury vinyl tile floor can be easily wiped up and cleaned.

Brick tile

If the entryway is begging for a unique and durable floor, consider tile that looks like brick. Brick tile is a durable and attractive entryway flooring that makes a one-of-a-kind statement. Brick tile can add character to an entryway that charms guests, or add a unique and striking flooring to a modern home. To add more interest to an entryway and create a favorable first impression, ask about installing brick tile in a horizontal, diagonal, or herringbone pattern.

mudroom with durable tile floorIn addition to being an incredibly exceptional and good-looking flooring, brick flooring can also hold up well in high-traffic areas. To make these floors even easier to clean, choose a dark-colored grout that can hide spills and stains. Brick tile floors can be kept clean with a regular sweep and dry mop.


Porcelain and ceramic tile are good entryway flooring options, both in terms of durability and design. Tile comes in almost every color and style; some tiles so closely resemble wood that it is hard for guests to differentiate. To create a striking impression as soon as guests walk in the door, ask about installing tile in a diagonal or herringbone pattern. As a natural conductor of heat, this flooring is also an ideal choice for installing over radiant floor heating.

Tiles are one of the toughest floors on the market, perfect for entryways with regular foot (and paw) traffic, puddles, and debris. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are water-resistant, low-maintenance, and easy-to-clean.


In the past, laminate floors were not recommended for rooms with puddles because of the risk of warping. However, many new laminate floors are water-resistant; when shopping for new flooring for an entryway, ask to see laminate floors that are manufactured for rooms that come in contact with water.

Laminate floors are an attractive entryway flooring option because they closely resemble the look of wood and tile. These floors come in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles, giving homeowners a host of options to choose from. Laminate flooring is also attractive because it is typically budget-friendly and shows little wear over time—all traits that are needed (and expected) from durable entryway flooring.