DIY laminate flooring installation tips that guarantee a perfect project

DIY laminate flooring installation tips that guarantee a perfect project

Whether installing laminate on your floor or wall (don’t doubt us, it’s a beautiful accent!), there are a few important things to know to get your DIY flooring project ‘before’ to the ‘after’ photos you see on the internet—and to get there with less DIY stress.

Buy in bulk

It seems that every project is prone to unexpected surprises; buy extra flooring and supplies for those ‘just in case’ situations (you can also get a discount if you buy in bulk). If you end up short (as some of our customers do-we’ve helped many frantic customers), don’t be afraid to go back for more flooring during the project.

Acclimate your flooring

Before you install your flooring and to make sure you don’t end up with damaged planks, bring your flooring into the room where you want to install it. Let the box of flooring sit in the room for a few days before your project is set to start.

Plan for disposal in advance

If you are removing flooring or paneling, plan for your method of disposal. If you are working in a big room, you may need to rent a dumpster or have boxes on hand to handle the load (or loads). For a wall project, test out wallpaper removal before you start your project. You may need extra supplies to get wallpaper and the wallpaper glue off the wall.

Prep your surface thoroughly

Before you start your project, make sure your sub-floor or surface is clean. Don’t install laminate on a sloping wall, or a surface with existing wallpaper or paneling. Thoroughly vacuum the area, and make sure your surface is level. If you are adding a floating floor that runs between rooms, compare the sub-floor in the two rooms and level the surface.

Ask for advice

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice about your DIY flooring project at your local flooring store. After all, they assist customers every day with purchasing and installing new flooring. They can give you information about purchasing the right product and supplies (i.e. saw, nails, etc.) and give you tips that help make your project smoother and look fantastic.