Choosing the right window treatments & blinds for your home

Choosing the right window treatments & blinds for your home

Window treatments are important, but selecting the right window
treatments is not earth-shattering. Don’t be one of those homeowners paralyzed by indecision, with naked windows and light shining in when you’re trying to sleep. Instead, use these general guidelines to find the perfect coverings—curtains or blinds, or both—for your window. Start with function, the basis of your window treatment selection:

Do you need window treatments that darken the room? Or are your curtains or blinds just for decor? Are the window treatments for a window that you need to see out often? Start your selection by determining what kind of window covering functions best for your use. If you work third shift, or need a dark room for sleeping, consider a blackout curtain. Looking for privacy? Order blinds that come up from the bottom of the window, allowing light to shine through and privacy. Need a window covering for a window that you use often? Look for sheer curtains that won’t block the view. For a kid’s room, choose shades and darkening curtains to make sure the sun doesn’t interrupt nap or bed time.

To determine the ideal length, use function and the aesthetic impact you want to settle on a length. If you want to make a ceiling
seem taller, choose floor length window treatments—regardless of window height. If you have a window that has a table or counter under it, choose blinds or shades that are the length of the window but don’t touch the surface underneath. In general, use this window covering rule: when choosing curtain height to cover the window, purchase a curtain an inch or two longer than the window trim.

Neutral or pattern.
To determine whether to purchase neutral or patterned window treatments, look around the room. If the furniture items, flooring and rugs are neutral, you can purchase a bold window treatment with a pattern. However, if your room is filled with bold patterns and colors, blend the curtains into the walls to make the rest of the room pop.

Don’t be afraid to consult the professionals for your window treatment decision. They can make recommendations based on what they’ve seen work at other local Wisconsin homes. Professionals can also handle measurements and installation, so you can enjoy the benefits of the perfect window treatments—without the hassles.