Cabin floor cleaning tips

Cabin floor cleaning tips

Homes on the water have a lot going for them: breath-taking views of
the lake, wonderful opportunities for beachfront (and boating) fun, and endless days of waterfront dining. Waterfront property does come with some maintenance, both on the property and on home floors.

The truth is that water can cause premature wear and damage to floors (especially flooring in the room adjacent to the lake). Water can warp floors, cause permanent stains, and wear down flooring. To avoid all of those scenarios, use these tips to keep your lake house floors lasting longer and looking like new.

Choose the right water-resistant flooring.

The first step in avoiding water damage is prevention. When choosing flooring for rooms adjacent to water, ask the floor salesman to see water-resistant flooring. Unfortunately, wood floor does not fit into this category. However, there are many floors that resemble wood that are good choices for rooms adjacent to the lake. Luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant, resemble wood or stone, and newer products are produced for hotter and cooler temperatures. Tile and sheet vinyl are both water resistant, incredibly durable, and easy-to-clean. For a softer feel, choose carpet tiles which can swapped out with new tiles when the tiles are dirty.

Place rugs and towels by all doors.

After a day of fun in the sand or boating, it’s natural to track in sand and water. Stem the flow at the door; keep a rack or bin full of towels for family and guests to dry off. Also, place rugs by the exit to ensure that all water, gravel, and debris is not tracked on to the floors. Make sure that the rug is big enough for everyone’s shoes to keep cabin floors clean. Ask a local flooring salesperson for tips for putting down rugs without worrying about fading or yellowing to the floors. Often, a mat can help prevent any discolorations under rugs. For a personalized look, order a custom rug specifically designed to fit with cabin décor.

Do a daily sweep and vacuum.

Sand and water can accumulate over time, scratching floors and leaving puddles that can lead to water damage. Clean up puddles as soon as possible and do a daily sweep and vacuum to keep water and sand from being tracked into the home. Use this guide to choose the best vacuum for a lake home.

Regularly dry mop floors.

To prevent residue and build-up, mop all your floors—especially in rooms adjacent to the lake. For a deep clean, schedule a professional cleaning that can keep all your cabin floors looking new and as beautiful as the lake view.