Best playroom flooring ideas for kids room

Best playroom flooring ideas for kids room

The best playroom flooring NEEDS to be easy-to-clean, comfortable, and practical. Fortunately, there are many different playroom flooring ideas that check off all those boxes—and are big hit with both kids and adults.

This list of playroom flooring ideas starts with floors that are not recommended for kids rooms. Though beautiful, wood and laminate floors are prone to water-damage from spills and accidents. These floors can warp, damage, or get permanent stains from puddles or spills.

What’s the best option for playroom flooring? The best playroom flooring is different for every home, and it depends on specifically what homeowners are looking for.

Budget-friendly kids room flooring
Carpet remnants

Carpet remnants are the remainders of a roll of carpet and are an incredibly soft playroom flooring idea. Kids love the comfort of this flooring, and it’s a great cushion for toddlers and active kids to fall on. They are typically sold at a discounted price at a local flooring store. Carpet remnants are perfect for a small playroom or as a loose floor covering over a cement floor.

The only possible negative of carpet is that it can be challenging to clean up spills and can trap dirt. Fortunately, there are many different types of carpet made just for these situations. (Ask a flooring pro to see durable carpet options.) Stain Master carpet resists food and beverage stains and offers soil protection for easy maintenance.

Rubber tiles

Rubber tiles are the perfect cushion in a kids room. They are soft and easy to “install.” The tiles simply need to be fitted together, and can be moved from one area to another when needed. Perhaps, the best feature of these playroom flooring ideas is that it’s incredibly easy to wipe up spills and sweep up food.

Unfortunately, these tiles do come with the risk of gouging and ripping, especially with active kids. Rubber tiles can also be gouged if homeowners (or kids) try to move around heavy items on the tiles.

Allergen-friendly kids room flooring

This may seem counterintuitive, but many modern carpets are designed to trap dirt and allergens. Mohawk Air.o carpet is incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, and traps allergens during daily activity. It releases the allergens during regular vacuuming. Carpet is also easy to maintain, requiring only a regular vacuuming. (A vacuum with a HEPA filter can help minimize allergy symptoms.) In addition to allergy-friendly, carpets are a soft surface where kids can play and learn.

Luxury vinyl plank

This hard surface flooring is a top playroom flooring idea because it is easy-to-clean and resists stains. Even more appealing, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors are available in styles that look like wood without any worry about water damage. Any spills on LVP flooring can be easily wiped up, and the floors only need a regular sweeping for maintenance. LVP floors are resistant to moisture, so they are a viable option for basement playrooms.

The only con of LVP flooring is that it is not a soft playing surface. Fortunately, homeowners can add area rugs to the room to soften up the playing area.

Durable kids room flooring

Carpet is a classic choice for playrooms because they wear well and are soft underfoot. Modern carpets come with a variety of features that make them resistant to stains and damage. Shaw LifeGuard carpets can trap spills so they can’t damage subflooring. They also come with easy-to-clean features with the active family in mind.

Homeowners can also choose durable carpet tiles, which wear well with heavy traffic and can be replaced when stained. Carpet tiles can also be easily installed by homeowners, and in fun patterns that look great in a kids room.

Rubber flooring

If rubber flooring is tough enough for a gym, it’s durable enough for a playroom. Rubber flooring is available in tiles and sheets. Tiles can easily be interchanged and moved. Sheeting is less prone to rips, but is harder to move. Both options are easy to clean, and is suitable for a basement. Rubber flooring only requires a regular sweeping. Any spills can easily be wiped up.

Luxury vinyl plank

Luxury vinyl plank can take all the activity that goes on in a playroom. This playroom flooring idea is stylish enough to match with any décor. It’s also water-resistant and easy to maintain. LVP floors only require a regular sweep. Spills can be easily wiped up.

Some luxury vinyl plank floors are made in click-and-lock options, making them a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. These floors can also be installed in a basement playroom, making it ready for activity and playtime fun.