Best man cave flooring ideas

Best man cave flooring ideas

The term “man cave” can bring up different visions to different gents. The man cave is a sports memorabilia showroom. For others, it’s a theater room, a video game hideaway, music room, an arcade space, and the ultimate bar and game room. Whatever the right man cave looks like, a solid man cave deserves a solid floor that fits the space and puts it over-the-edge.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring is the best of all worlds: tough, durable, and water-resistant (just in case of spills). For a handy man, these floors are also an easy do-it-yourself project (use these luxury vinyl plank installation tips) that can be installed in basements. (Ask a local flooring pro if the luxury vinyl floor requires an underlayment.) Manufactured to look like wood and stone, these floors can fit with any décor (including sports memorabilia).


If your man cave serves as a theater or a place to watch your favorite team and play video games, carpet is the answer. Carpet fibers absorb sound and keep your man sanctuary feeling like a private kingdom (without interrupting the rest of the house). This man cave flooring is also easy-to-clean and budget-friendly (especially carpet remnants, head into a local flooring store to see options).

Carpet can also be an easy do-it-yourself project. Some carpets come with attached pads and don’t require stretching; if a DIY is a priority, ask a local flooring pro to point out DIY carpet products. Carpet tiles are another do-it-yourself project. These soft tiles are available in a variety of colors (sports team colors, anyone?) and installed in any pattern. If a carpet tile gets stained, it can easily be replaced with another tile.


These floors are incredibly tough and can take everything you can throw at it. Stone and porcelain tile is a natural conductor of heat, making tile an excellent choice for rooms with radiant heating. For die-hard fans, tile can be purchased in team colors that prove team loyalty.

Tile is also a handyman’s dream job, requiring only a short video, underlayment (ask the pros to recommend the right material so tile does not crack), tile saw, grout, and spacers. While the project does require some leveling and time, a tile floor is an easy way to get a tough and durable man cave floor.


Wood floors are a classic choice for man caves because they are durable and easy-to-clean. One particular wood floor, cork is ideal for man caves where sound absorption is a priority. Cork is a green product that can be added to the floor and wall (so you can scream as loud as you want at the TV or practice playing whenever you want).

Hardwood flooring is not a good choice for basements, where moisture in the slab can damage floors. Engineered wood floors are the alternative solution. Manufactured in layers, engineered wood flooring are a good flooring candidate for basements. Because engineered wood floors can be installed as a floating floor, these floors are another do-it-yourself project that can be accomplished with a little expertise, tools, and friends.


It’s easy to see why laminate is a common choice for man caves. These floors are incredibly durable and easy-to-install. Laminate floors are another floating floor and require only a few tools, a visit to the local flooring store, sub-floor leveling, and a how-to video. If the king of the man cave is budget conscious, laminate floors are an incredibly affordable man cave flooring option that doesn’t look cheap.

Laminate is not recommended for man caves in the basement. Like wood, laminate floors are at risk for water damage from moisture that seeps through the slab.


Rubber floors are ideal for garages, workout rooms, workshops, and any space that requires an affordable and durable floor. This man cave flooring option comes in sheets or tiles and can easily be a do-it-yourself project. Sheets are easily rolled out in a man cave (even over concrete). Rubber tiles are pieced together and can be moved when working on a project in the workshop.