Best floors for sunroom

Best floors for sunroom

The list of sunroom ideas is long; the list of flooring for a sunroom is not quite as long. Sunroom floors have to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, bright sunlight, and any dirt and gravel that may get tracked in from outside. Fortunately, there are a few floors suitable for a sunroom.

Sunrooms typically fall into two categories: heated and unheated. Enclosed porch or unheated sunroom floors need to be able to tolerate the extreme cold of Midwestern winters and the summer heat and humidity. Four season sunrooms may be heated, but also need to be able to withstand some humidity (especially in a solarium).

In addition to heat and humidity, sunroom floors need to be resistant to fading. Those beautiful windows allow in bright sunlight that can discolor floors and rugs. If the sunroom has a door that leads to the outdoors, homeowners should choose floors for sunrooms that are easy-to-clean in case dirt and mud gets tracked in on dirt shoes or paws.

Unheated sunroom floors


Some tiles are durable enough for the outdoors, such as on a porch or walkway. Since they are an outdoor product, these tiles can withstand the extreme hot and cold temperatures of an unheated sunroom. (Ask a local flooring professional for outdoor tiles that work in an unheated sunroom.) Tile is easy-to-clean in case mud or dirt is tracked in by visitors and family members.

Tile can be very cold underfoot, but can be installed with radiant heating. Before installing radiant heating, always check to make sure that the radiant heating product is suitable for the extreme temperatures of an unheated sunroom. (Radiant heating can also be a good solution for a four seasons sunroom.) For do-it-yourselfers, tiles (and radiant heating) is a fairly easy DIY project (use these tips for a smooth tile installation).

Modern tile products are incredibly beautiful and comes in a variety of styles. These floors add the stylish look of stone to a sunroom. Some tile products resemble wood, but without the risk of water damage that comes with wood floors.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are soft and durable. These floors are installed with or without padding, and stained tiles can be pulled up and replaced (if not installed with adhesive). The softness of carpet tiles makes this an attractive flooring for sunrooms. For additional warmth, some carpet tiles are installed over radiant heating.

Carpet tiles are easily maintained with a regular vacuum and annual carpet cleaning. If muddy footprints and stains are a concern, select carpet tiles that are darker in color to hide the stains. Carpet tiles come in many different colors and patterns, adding interest to sun room décor. Some carpet tiles can be professionally installed or installed as a DIY project for handy homeowners.

Four season sunroom
Vinyl planks

Luxury vinyl plank floors are incredibly durable, easy-to-clean, and water-resistant. All of these flooring features are beneficial in a sunroom with high humidity and access to the outside. Not all vinyl plank floors can withstand extreme temperatures; ask a flooring professional for options if the sunroom gets very hot or cold.

When it comes to looks, luxury vinyl plank floors are a winner. LVP floors closely resemble wood and stone, making them an attractive addition to sunroom. Modern luxury vinyl plank floors come in traditional and contemporary styles and colors.

For do-it-yourselfers, LVP floors can be installed as a floating floor without adhesive. (These tips for a DIY luxury vinyl plank installation can help.) When using professionals, luxury vinyl plank floors are a quick floor installation.


Laminate floors look just like wood, making it an attractive flooring option for a sunroom. Ask a flooring professional to see the beautiful laminate floors available for a sunroom. Laminate floors come in almost every color and wood grain, giving homeowners a wide variety of sunroom flooring options.

These floors are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Laminate floors are also easy-to-clean when foot and paw prints are tracked in from the outside. The floors only need a regular sweep and dry mop to keep clean and looking like new.

These floors are an easy do-it-yourself project and can be installed as a floating floor. Do-it-yourselfers only need a few supplies, laminate floor installation tips, and extra laminate boards for the project. The extra boards are important for projects where there are issues during installation.

Sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl is durable and easy-to-clean, requiring only a regular sweep and dry mop. These floors are tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, including traffic from the outside. This flooring is water-resistant and can withstand standing water puddles. Sheet vinyl floors come in a variety of styles and closely resemble tile. This floor is a sunroom idea that fits with any décor.