Best flooring for your mudroom

Best flooring for your mudroom

That’s how much sand we’ve been trying to keep out of our house because of our kids’ obsession with the sandbox. And that’s why we’re so grateful for our mudroom, which keeps the pool water, wet paws, grass clippings and, well, mud off of our hardwood flooring. It also stores and organizes all the gear, sports equipment and leashes that come with a busy family.

So what’s the best flooring for your mudroom? We’ll start with what’s not the best option. Hardwood flooring, though extremely durable and beautiful, is not the best fit for a mudroom. Any water (or snow) left on hardwood flooring can lead to damage and warping.

That leaves you with a few other excellent choices:

  • Porcelain tile. It looks great. But that’s not the reason porcelain tile is an ideal candidate for your mudroom or entry way. Porcelain tile is water, odor and mildew resistant. If you’re worried about the cold feeling of this tile, you can install radiant heating underneath and enjoy toasty toes even on the coldest Wisconsin days.

  • Linoleum. This flooring is budget friendly and easy to clean, perfect for any mudroom. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors, making it easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

  • Vinyl. Some of the newest vinyl products could fool even the most hard-core hardwood admirer. Whether your preference is stone or hardwood, these tiles can mimic both styles with colors that floor everyone who enters your home. Vinyl is also durable and soil and stain resistant, perfect for the room that takes the brunt of the elements on a regular basis.

We can’t keep the sand out of your mudroom, but we can install flooring that can handle the sand, snow, mud and anything else that tracks into your home. Stop in or contact us for your perfect mudroom flooring match.