Best entryway flooring options for your home

Best entryway flooring options for your home

Entryway. Foyer. Front hall. Whatever you call the main entryway into your home, we call it the front line of defense against all the dirt, gravel, sand, water, snow (that’s right, our famous Wisconsin snow!) and everything else tracked in through your front door. It’s also the first room of your home your guests see, making it vital to find the best entryway flooring that can be beautiful and handle everything that comes in with your family and friends (the good news: there are ways to protect your floors, read here).

Porcelain tile

Pros: Porcelain tile is durable and water, odor and mildew resistant—two BIG reasons to put porcelain tile in your entry way. The tile also comes in many different colors and looks, giving you a ton of beautiful flooring options for your entryway. Porcelain tile comes in stone and wood designs, and in a million different colors that coordinate with your home.

Cons: Porcelain tile can feel very cold under your feet when the temperatures drop. If you’re worried about the cold feeling of this tile, you can install radiant heating underneath and enjoy toasty toes even on the coldest Wisconsin days.


warm wood floors in entryway of homePros: Wood floors are incredibly durable—just look at the wood floors in a historic home. Wood floors can last for years and handle heavy foot (and paw) traffic. Hardwood floors can also be sanded down and refinished, making it a long-term flooring option for your home.

Cons: Wood floors cost more than other flooring options, and are more susceptible to water damage. If you do install wood floors in your entryway, make sure you use rugs and these tips to keep your wood floors looking new.


Pros: Laminate floors have the beautiful look of wood, but are more affordable than their wood flooring counterpart. They are also durable, easy-to-clean, and can handle everything that gets tracked in.

luxury vinyl flooring that looks like woodCons: Laminate floors have the same weakness to water as wood flooring. To keep them looking great, use the same wood flooring tips and be ready to clean up water.

Luxury vinyl

Pros: Some of the newest vinyl products could fool even the most hard-core hardwood admirer. Whether your preference is stone or hardwood, these tiles can mimic both styles with colors that floor everyone who enters your home. Vinyl is also durable and soil and stain resistant, perfect for the room that takes the brunt of the elements on a regular basis. There’s another bonus: some luxury vinyl floors come in planks, which make it a good DIY project for any handyman.

Cons: Luxury vinyl flooring can be one of the more expensive options. To find out more about luxury vinyl floors, stop in or contact the flooring pros to find out more about luxury vinyl flooring products.

Vinyl sheet

Pros: Vinyl sheet flooring is very durable and budget friendly, perfect for your front entryway. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors, making it easy on the eyes and easy to clean.

Cons: Vinyl sheet floors can be scratched if you’re not careful.

If you want to see samples of floors perfect for your entryway, or want to know what works in other homes in your area, head into a local flooring store or contact them for more information. They can suggest flooring products that’ll wow your guests and impress you with their durability.