Beautiful DIY bathroom flooring ideas

Beautiful DIY bathroom flooring ideas

A bathroom remodel with new bathroom flooring can be a beautiful thing, especially when you’re throwing out that ugly pink tile. Unfortunately, choosing new bathroom flooring is about more than selecting a stunning wood floor. Bathroom floors need to be gorgeous and able to withstand water spills and high humidity.

For handy homeowners, add another criteria to the list: do-it-yourself installation. There are quite a few bathroom flooring options that check off all three options. Before installing, always make sure that the sub-floor is adequate to support the floor and is level. If flooring is installed over an uneven sub-floor, the floors can get damaged.

Porcelain tile

Tile is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms because porcelain tile is water-, odor-, and mildew-resistant. For homes with radiant heating, porcelain tiles are a natural conductor of heat. They are also a top choice for homeowners with a handy streak; tile can be installed with tools and spacers. (Use these step-by-step instructions for an efficient tile install.)

Porcelain tile should be installed over concrete or backer board. Before installation, these surfaces should be prepped to ensure they are level. Tiles installed in bathrooms with sub-floors that aren’t level can crack over time. To expedite installation, lay out porcelain tile in the bathroom before applying the grout.

Luxury vinyl plank

LVP floors can be installed as floating floors, making it one of the easiest floors to install. (Use these step-by-step directions for a smooth luxury vinyl install.) These floors are also water-resistant, easy-to-clean, durable, and often come in products that resemble wood.

Because wood floors are susceptible to water damage, luxury vinyl plank floors are a great alternative for homeowners who want the look of wood (without the damage). Visit a local flooring store to select the luxury vinyl floor that works well with existing bathroom decor.

Patterned tile

patterned tile in bathroomHexagon tile and tiles with a unique pattern can add character and interest to a bathroom. Patterned tiles add a dab of interest to a bathroom with neutral décor. Hexagon tiles look great in a vintage home, taking it back to the era when the home was built. If the pattern is fairly complicated or the tiles need to be laid out in a certain pattern, lay out the tile before you start to ensure that a tile is not mislaid. Always make sure that the concrete or backer board is level and correctly installed.

Like traditional square-shaped tiles, most patterned tiles are water, odor, and mildew resistant; ask a local flooring pro to ensure that the tile is durable for a high-moisture room.

Luxury vinyl tile

With all the benefits of tile but a better feel underfoot, luxury vinyl tile is a great choice for bathrooms. LVT floors are installed with an adhesive or grout. (Use this step-by-step guide for installing luxury vinyl tile.) These floors come in a variety of styles and colors that can fit with any existing bathroom décor.

Sheet vinyl

These floors are easy-to-install, requiring some cutting and the right adhesive. (These tips for sheet vinyl installation can help.) Sheet vinyl products are incredibly durable and attractive. Modern sheet vinyl floors come in styles that resemble tile and wood.

Because they are installed without grout, sheet vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. These floors only require a regular sweeping or vacuuming (use these tips to choose the right vacuum) and an occasional deep mop.