Are you (and your floors) ready for the spring mud?

After days of sub-zero temperatures and biting Wisconsin cold, we’re ready for spring. (For Wisconsinites that’s any time the temperature hits above freezing.) What we’re not ready for is the mud. The mud that our kids, dog, pets and guests track all over our carpets, laminate, vinyl, tile and wood floors. The muddy footprints and puddles that cause us to leap into action, just short of a panic attack, and scramble to find a towel to clean our very loved floors—or at least floors that we want to stay looking loved for a long, long time (even if we really don’t love that carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile or wood floor). So how do you stay ahead of the mud in your home?

  • For wood and laminate floors, clean up any mud as soon as you can with a towel, and keep your wood floor clear of any puddles that might damage your wood floors. If you need to use any liquid to clean up a particularly dirty spot, dry the floor as soon as you are done. Sweep up the pebbles and stones often to avoid scratches on your wood and laminate floors.

  • For carpet, test an area of the carpet with your carpet cleaner for color fastness first. If your carpet cleaner has tested safe, apply the carpet cleaner to the mud and blot gently with a soft cloth working from the outside in. Avoid scrubbing as that might damage the carpet. When done, apply a small amount of water to your cloth and blot again. When the mud is out and the carpet is drying, vacuum the area. Make sure your carpets are professionally carpet cleaned every 12-18 months to keep them looking their best. Check our Facebook page for carpet cleaning discounts.

  • For vinyl and tile floors, a wet cloth or mop works best. Make sure you get the dirt out of the grout so it doesn’t stain.

Have any questions? Stop in at a Y’s Way Flooring in Watertown, Lake Mills, or Oconomowoc and ask one of our experts how to get that mud out of your carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile or wood floor or contact us with your floor cleaning questions. You’ve waited for our Wisconsin spring for a long time—don’t let a little mud on your floor ruin your spring.