You’ve ignored that nasty carpeting, put rugs over stains and used cleaners until your hands are raw. Eventually, however, it’s time to face the music and consider replacing that smelly and worn carpet with new wood floors, tile or carpet. With the upcoming cool weather coming (and that white stuff), now is the time to take notice of those telling carpet-replacement signs:

  • You realize that gelatin stains all the way to the pad. Have carpeting under your dining room table? Swap it out with flooring more ideal (think laminate, wood or tile flooring) for kids and their red, green, blue and purple messes.
  • All that carpet cleaning in the world is never, EVER going to get that stain out. It’s that bad.
  • You need to sell your house. Consider putting in new flooring or having a full house carpet cleaning before you put your house on the market. (Just make sure people wear booties when coming in for showings). Your investment means a lot to buyers, and can influence their decision to purchase.
  • There are holes in your floor. Remember, holes should only be associated with donuts. Never with flooring.
  • You need to get rid of that pet accident. Many pets mark or repeatedly urinate where they smell urine. Remove the carpet, remove the smell…and the accidents.
  • You’re embarrassed to have anyone over. Can’t have a barbeque with friends because of your nasty carpeting? Want to host family Thanksgiving and holiday parties without getting flack about your worn carpet? Hesitate no more.
  • When you finally realize that, no matter how much retro stuff is trendy, that old shag carpet will never come back in style.

If your nasty carpeting is in a small area—a hallway, small bedroom or office—consider purchasing a remnant. Remnants are the remainder of a roll of carpeting that we can’t use, but you can. The best part about remnants is the low cost. Remnants are ideal for any part of your house that is not huge, but could use a cleaner, new carpet.

Do your research before you replace your carpet. Talk to local flooring experts about new carpets and what works best for your home. If you have kids or pets, there are carpets ideal for busy families. You also need to consider traffic flow in your home, as well as what’s under the carpet (such as in a basement) and if you need a new pad. Your research is well worth the time and efforts, especially when you’re enjoying your new, durable, soft carpeting.