As you’re doing your spring cleaning, stop ignoring all the stains on that hallway carpeting. It’s time to change it up and get that nasty carpeting out of your house.

If you look at the back room of any Y’s Way Flooring, you’ll find your BUDGET FRIENDLY answer: a remnant. (We can hear your reaction: “A WHAT????”)

Remnants are the remainder of a roll of carpeting that we can’t use, but you can. The best part about remnants is the low cost. Remnants are ideal for any part of your house that is not huge, but could use a cleaner, new carpet. Think small bedrooms, hallways, offices…

You’ve got the idea, now just pick up the phone or stop in at any Y’s Way Flooring in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc. We’ve got the remnant that will play a prominent role (pardon the pun) in sprucing up your home.