How to choose the best media room flooring

How to choose the best media room flooring

We’re all binge watching our favorite movies and TV shows a lot more these days, which is why now is the right time to choose the right media room flooring for your theater room.

The best media room flooring is undeniably carpet because it absorbs sound and is acoustically friendly. Carpet is also completely comfortable underfoot, making it the perfect flooring for the perfect lounging spot.

Media room carpet options

Carpet rolls

This is the most traditional flooring for a media or theater room. Carpet rolls are available in a variety of colors and styles. Some carpets are high pile, which has a longer loop for a plush feel. Low pile carpets are made of shorter loops that are less plush underfoot but easier to maintain.

As an added bonus, modern carpets come with a variety of features perfect for a media room. In addition to absorbing sound, some carpets trap allergens or come with waterproof features that keep water from seeping through to the carpet pad. Other carpets come with options that prevent staining and keep carpets looking new.

Carpet tile

Carpet tile is very durable and able to absorb sound, perfect for theater rooms. Most carpet tiles are low-pile which makes them easier to maintain and clean. When these media room floors get stained, carpet tiles can be pulled up and replaced. The durability of these floors makes them an ideal theater room floor, able to withstand family movie nights and game day.

These theater room floors are very unique because they can be laid down in patterns. For sports fans, these patterns can be a combination of team colors. Movie fans may be more drawn to deep color patterns that make them look like they are walking the red carpet.

How to choose the right media room floor

Select the right media room carpet option.

The first step in selecting the right media room flooring is to choose between carpet tile and carpet rolls. Both options are durable, but are very different in terms of installation and style. Homeowners should consider whether spills are a frequent occurrence (think about popcorn, game-day drinks and snacks, etc.) and ask a local flooring professional to see a durable, easy-to-clean media room carpet option with stain-resistant features. Low-pile carpets are a good option for these rooms because it is easier to clean spills and vacuum.

Consider the color.

The color of the carpet is about décor and function. Fortunately, carpeting is available in a variety of colors that fit with almost any décor. If the media room is frequently used, darker colored carpets are a good choice because the dark color hides stains. If there is a preferred color, ask a flooring pro for carpets available in the desired color (or colors) and plushness.

Ask a pro to see styles that are right for the media room.

Once the set of criteria is set for the new floor, visit a local flooring store to see available styles that may be a good fit for the room. A flooring professional can recommend styles that are a good fit, and have even been installed in other local theater rooms.

How to keep carpet looking new

  • Clean up spills promptly. (Follow these carpet spill cleaning steps and always remember to blot, don’t scrub, the spill.)
  • Use a carpet cleaning product approved by the manufacturer.
  • Purchase a vacuum cleaner that thoroughly cleans carpet and won’t damage it. (Check the manufacturer specifications for a list of vacuum cleaners that won’t void the warranty. If a member of the family has allergies, look for a vacuum with a HEPPA filter.)
  • Vacuum carpet regularly to remove debris and maintain it.
  • Schedule an annual carpet cleaning to remove trapped dirt and debris.