Discover the varied uses of ceramic tiles in your home

Discover the varied uses of ceramic tiles in your home

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice in many homes throughout the country. They’re hardwearing, easy to maintain, and generally easy to fix too. Add to that the fact that they go on for decades, and it’s clear, they’re a winner.

It’s hardly surprising that you’re thinking about incorporating them into your home. But did you know that there are lots of applications for ceramic tiles beyond the obvious?

Let’s take a deep dive into the varied uses of ceramic tiles and how they can make a difference in your home!

Why ceramic floor tiles rock

It’s true, hardwood flooring has been on trend for some time. Because of that, many people have overlooked ceramic floor tiles. What makes them a better option than hardwood for many homes?

For a start, ceramic floor tiles are cheaper than hardwoods. Compared to hardwoods, they are also extremely easy to maintain. They do not require sanding and refinishing.

They are easy to clean and are forgiving of spills, mud, dirt, and grime that get thrown at them. They can make a very practical choice for families with kids.

They are also super hardwearing. If you treat them right and don’t drop heavy things on them, they can go on for decades. Some homes still have tiled hallways dating back over a century.

Endless style options

Ceramic tiles come in a wide array of styles. The way they are laid can also make a huge difference. A simple herringbone arrangement can elevate a simple tile to give a high-end finish.

Additionally, terracotta tiles are on-trend. Their warm, earthy tones are perfect for communal areas such as hallways. They add warmth and texture to a space.

Ceramic kitchen tiles

The emergence of the popular subway tile has been the hottest trend in ceramic kitchen tiles in recent years. If you choose something warm and earthy for your flooring tiles, you can offset this with bold black and white or geometric wall designs.

If you have freestanding kitchen units, make sure that the tiled floor extends all the way underneath to the wall. Otherwise, you may be able to save on tiles by only tiling up to the units.

Ceramic bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are a natural choice for bathrooms. They’re waterproof, bacteria-resistant, and easy to clean. They are also available in an incredibly wide range of designs and styles.

Bathrooms can be slippery underfoot if you don’t choose the right type of tile surface. But there are many on the market that provide a high level of grip, making the bathroom safer for the whole family.

Strength and versatility

Using ceramic tile in the bathroom gives you a lot more flexibility than other options. They can be cut to suit a range of bathroom layouts.

They can even be used effectively to create wetrooms. They can create accessible showers for people with mobility difficulties.

Water resistance

Many products claim to be water-resistant, but only correctly installed tile is really up to the job. Not to mention the fact that you can run it from floor to ceiling – and even on the ceiling if you wish. No matter how splash-happy your family is, you can protect your walls with ceramic tiles.

Fresh designs

Ceramic bathroom tiles are a great way to make a bold statement. Current trends include block colors, hexagonal patterns, and Moroccan designs.

If you don’t want to replace all the tiles in your bathroom, consider creating one feature wall. It’s an affordable way to bring your bathroom to life.

Ceramic tile backsplash

Installing a ceramic tile backsplash has been popular for a while. Recently though, new materials have started appearing. These include metal tile, manufactured stone veneer, and even thermoplastic.

These might be the latest thing, but they’re not really up to the job compared to tile. None of them offers the functionality, practicality, and endless style options of ceramic tiles. A ceramic tile backsplash fulfills its basic function perfectly. It’s hard to stain and easy to keep clean.

Ceramic tile backsplash trends

This year, trends are all about bringing the outdoors inside. People have more indoor plants than ever before and are looking for tile shades that set these off perfectly.

Think deep greens. Moss tones. Deep, natural autumnal reds.

On the opposite end of the scale, you could go for an ultramodern, geometric design, with complementing colors and textures.

Block colors and marble effect tiles can offset each other perfectly. This can create a dramatic backdrop to your culinary exploits.

Innovative uses for ceramic tiles

If you’re looking to do something different with ceramic tiles, what about making a ceramic tile tabletop? You can simply replace an old, tired tabletop by replacing it with a colorful tile selection.

If you want to take the theme even further, they also make a great kitchen counter! They can be laid on top of concrete countertops for a stylish and individual finish.

You can use mosaic tiles to create refrigerator magnets. You can even tile the inside of an old bookcase, giving it an individual twist and a new lease of life.

Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile. Anywhere you want to create a bespoke, enduring look, you can with tiles.

Choosing ceramic tiles for your home

Ceramic tiles are a great way to make a statement in your home. They’re functional, practical, but can also be incredibly beautiful! Think outside the box and set your home apart with your bold use of tiles.

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