6 tile floor cleaning tips that keep your tile looking great

6 tile floor cleaning tips that keep your tile looking great

Ceramic, porcelain, marble, and slate tiles are a popular choice for homeowners. And why shouldn’t they be? Tile floors are incredibly durable, water proof, and look great. These floors are also low maintenance—notice “low” not no-maintenance—especially if you want to keep them looking their best. The good news is that maintaining your ceramic, porcelain, marble, or slate tiles is pretty simple, if you follow these easy tile floor cleaning tips.

Don’t forget to seal your grout (if needed)

Some grout products need to be sealed on a regular basis. Know the schedule for sealing your grout—if your grout needs it—and follow the schedule, or hire a professional to seal it. Properly sealed grout is a lot easier to clean and keep clean.

Use rugs to your advantage

Keep rugs by all exterior doors for guests and family to clean off rocks, stones, and dirt off before they get trekked into the house. If you have pets, clean off all paws when they come in. Vacuum all your rugs often to make sure the dirt stays off your tile floors.

Sweep or vacuum regularly

The everyday grime that accumulates on tile floors also can scratch and damage your tile. Use a dust mop or broom to keep your tile clean in between deep cleanings.

Clean up spills ASAP

Juice spills and other puddles can stain grout, and standing puddles of water can also do damage. Wipe up spills as soon as you can.

Mop your floors

A good mopping extends the life of your floors and keeps them looking great. As soon as you are done, dry your floor to avoid sitting water on your tile.

Know what works on your tile floor, and what doesn’t

Be cautious when using cleaners on your floor for spot-cleaning or mopping. If you are trying a new cleaner, test clean an area that is not visible, such as behind an appliance. Check with Y’s Way Flooring or your flooring manufacturer to determine what works best, especially if the flooring is new and under warranty. If you’re looking for a tile cleaner you can make with household products, mix together vinegar and warm water (but remember to test it before applying to the whole floor!).