6 reasons to put carpet cleaning at the top of your spring cleaning list

6 reasons to put carpet cleaning at the top of your spring cleaning list

It’s spring! SPRING! Time to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather,
and tackle your spring cleaning checklist. While the last reason may not be the most fun, spring is an ideal time to put on your gloves, open the windows, and get all the winter grime out of your house and yard.

What should be at the top of your list? We’d suggest a professional carpet cleaning—and not just because we offer fast, professional carpet cleaning services. Here’s why we would argue that carpet cleaning should be number one on your spring cleaning checklist:

1. The kids aren’t around all day yet. Spring is an ideal time to move all your furniture out of the room you need carpet cleaned, and move it back in before they have to go to bed.
2. Get rid of the spring mud. The spring thaw also brings out the spring mud. Carpet cleaning is an ideal way to rid your carpets of the mud and prepare for summer.
3. You can do fun things this summer without worrying about carpet cleaning.
4. Warmer temperatures mean you can open the windows.
5. Say good-bye to pet stains. Did you just get done potty training your puppy? Or just want those pet stains gone? A good spring carpet cleaning rids your home of those winter pet stains—and the odors that come along with them.
6. Spring carpet cleaning means cleaner air—and less indoor allergy sneezing and wheezing.

Spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning gloves and cleaner. Once you’re done with carpet
cleaning, what else should be on your spring cleaning checklist? Here’s a complete spring cleaning checklist to tackle now that spring is here.

• Call Y’s Way for professional carpet and floor cleaning.
• Clean the inside and under your appliances.
• Remove spider webs.
• Wash window.
• Dust ceiling fans and wash light fixture coverings.
• Clean blinds and curtains.
• Clean the top of cabinets.
• Clean tile grout in your shower, on your floor or on your countertops.
• Powerwash the exterior of your house.
• Clean heating and air conditioning vent cleaning.
• Wash comforters and quilts.
• Clean fireplace stone/tile and mantle.
• Clean sliding door tracks.
• Scrub down showers.
• Dust inside of cabinets.