6 cleaning tricks that ready your home for the holidays

6 cleaning tricks that ready your home for the holidays

As long as your home looks beautiful for the holidays, it doesn’t matter how it happened, right? You’ve heard the stories of the relative who brought the “homemade” apple pie in the pan with the store label on the bottom. The best stories are the ones that no one finds out about…like these cleaning hacks that get your home ready for the family gathering fast! Just remember that when everyone’s raving about your beautiful, clean home, you don’t have to tell them who did it or how it was done.

Trick #1: schedule a floor cleaning.

When guests are complimenting you on your stunning floors (and how clean they are), you don’t have to tell them who did it. To get your carpets, wood, and hard flooring cleaned, schedule a flooring cleaning with the local professionals. This cleaning trick can save you time and hassle; in addition to saving you cleaning time, you won’t have to run back and forth returning the carpet cleaning machine to the store. You’ll also get a professional clean that you can take credit for.

Trick #2: Clear the clutter.

To make more room for guests (and for carpet cleaners), start picking up all the clutter that comes with a busy household. Try to tackle a room each day. Regular cleaning and de-cluttering can save you a significant amount of time later.

Trick #3: Put the vacuum cleaner to work.

If you have a robotic vacuum, set the vacuum to work every day before your family holiday gathering. In homes without a robotic vacuum, add sweeping and vacuuming to the daily home cleaning checklist. Any cleaning that can be done in advance can cut down on the last-minute holiday cleaning frenzy.

Trick #4: Organize the entryway.

The entryway is an important part of any holiday party. Prepare the space for the occasion. Clean out closets, racks, and shelves so there is room for guests’ jackets, gloves, and shoes. Put down rugs by all doors to protect entryway floors from increased foot traffic. To minimize tracking in snow, gravel, and water, clean off sidewalks and driveways.

Trick #5: Carry cleaning supplies with you.

To expedite the home cleaning process, organize cleaning supplies and carry them with you from room to room. This home cleaning trick minimizes trips throughout the home, can make the process more efficient, and get your home ready for family and friends faster.

Trick #6: Bring in the cleaning pros.

There is no shame or blame in hiring home cleaning professionals to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and guest rooms. If you are concerned about any guests with indoor allergies, contact a duct cleaning service to purify the air and ready your home for friends, family, and all the joy of a holiday gathering.