5 ways to treat yourself (and house!) with your tax return

5 ways to treat yourself (and house!) with your tax return

Are you one of the millions ready to treat yourself with the proceeds
from your tax return? While that suggestion would leave many rushing to the spa, treat yourself by updating the place where the heart is, or at least where you spend most of your time—your home. So where do you start? Here’s a few ideas:

• Making your old carpets look like new.
Even if you’re convinced there’s no way on this earth to get that stain out, give a professional carpet cleaner a chance. They’ll surprise you by removing those stains, or at least lightening them.

• Replace that nasty flooring you’ve always had it in for.
Can’t stand the linoleum anymore? Are you tired of trying to get the dirt out of the imprints in that old 90’s geometric flooring? Say good bye. Come down to Y’s Way and pick out the new flooring you’ve always wanted.

• Updating your kitchen with a backsplash.
You have so many options. Give your kitchen a facelift with an inexpensive backsplash.

• Two words: bathroom reno.
And on top of those words, let’s add three more exciting words: increased home value. A remodeled bathroom adds value to your home, and creates a space you can be proud to show to your guests.

• New window treatments.
Whether your motivation is to keep your toddler in bed, let you sleep in or help a third shifter relax during the day—or just to update those ugly curtains or blinds, come on down to Y’s Way to find blinds and curtains that fit your room and your purpose.

When you’re ready to turn that tax return into a new look for your home, like our Facebook page so you can watch for deals and ask questions about your home project. If you want to see your options or ask one of our experts, head into one of our three Y’s Way Flooring locations in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc. We can help turn that refund into a treat that you and your house can enjoy.