5 reasons spring is carpet cleaning time

5 reasons spring is carpet cleaning time

There are many reasons Wisconsinites rejoice when spring comes.
There’s the warmer temperatures, outside activities, summer blooms, sun…the list could go on and on. There’s also the spring cleaning, which includes window washing, cleaning quilts and carpet cleaning (for a list of other spring cleaning tasks, read our recent post). Yes, you read that last item right. Spring is an ideal time to rid your carpets of all the winter grime and spring mud. Why? Here are 5 reasons spring is and ideal carpet cleaning time:

1. The kids aren’t around all day yet.
Spring is an ideal time to move all your furniture out of the room you need carpet cleaned, and move it back in before they have to go to bed. Summer carpet cleaning is a bit more logistically challenging because now you have to move the furniture and worry about occupying them (though there are solutions to this challenge too!).

2. Get rid of the spring mud.
Yes, the spring thaw also brings out the spring mud. Carpet cleaning is an ideal way to rid your carpets of the mud and prepare for summer.

3. You can do fun things this summer without worrying about carpet cleaning.
Prompt spring carpet cleaning means one less thing to worry about later.

4. Warmer temperatures mean you can open the windows during carpet cleaning.
It’s a very nice advantage of the warmer spring temperatures.

5. Say good-bye to pet stains.
Did you just get done potty training your puppy? Or do you just want those pet stains gone? A good spring carpet cleaning can rid your home of those winter pet stains.

If you want a deep carpet clean with green carpet cleaners, call Y’s Way Flooring. A professional carpet cleaner can remove more stains than renting a carpet cleaner yourself, and has more expertise and carpet cleaning experience.