5 projects to tackle AFTER your kids head back to school

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Back to school shopping is complete,

and the kids are ready to head out the door. Your mudroom is full of backpacks, loads of fall sports equipment, and all the cool weather gear that comes with your kids back in school. It’s official. Your kids are headed back to school. What do you do now? And how do you get your house to stop looking like a tornado hit it (or like your kids lived in it all summer)?

We’ve got five suggestions to start with, and to get your house back in shape after a summer of fun:

1. Carpet cleaning.
We’re not talking about those rental carpet cleaning units. We’re talking about a real, professional deep clean that revives your flooring and removes allergens from your carpet. With winter coming in a few months, this is an ideal time to rid your home of those allergens before you are trapped inside for the whole winter. And because the kids are out of the house all day, fall is an ideal time to move all your furniture out of the room you need carpet cleaned, and move it back in before they have to go to bed.

2. Organizing your mudroom.
You’re ready for the onslaught of school stuff, but is your mudroom? Could your morning routine be smoother if all that gear was more organized? Would a well-organized mudroom solve some of your storage issues? Use our blog post to plan and arrange your mudroom for maximum efficiency.

3. Duct cleaning before winter.
On average, people spend about 90% of their time indoors…and breathe in dirty air full of dirt, dust, mold, pollen and other gross particles. Before you’re enjoying time inside this winter, improve your air quality by getting your air ducts cleaned. This can be especially true for households with asthma, allergy, pets or smokers.

4. Refinishing your wood floors.
If you refinish your floors, or have your wood floors refinished, while the kids are in school, you don’t have to worry about finding a way to entertain them (at least not for the majority of the time). You can also let the floor dry without fear of little feet or hands getting messy…and you get a beautiful, protected floor out of the deal.

5. Cleaning your wood, vinyl, tile and laminate floors.
It’s also easier to clean your hard floors when there is not a pet around. Nothing interrupts a floor cleaning than a kid wiping out on a wet floor or a pet running through at mach speed. If you need any tips on how to tackle cleaning those hard floors in our recent blog post.

If you need any tips for cleaning your floors, want to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment (or wood refinishing appointment) or need information for replacing worn floors, contact Y’s Way. We’ll help ready your home for the cool weather and all that school gear, and make it look like your kids didn’t spend a crazy summer in your house.