5 perfect floors for your bathroom

5 perfect floors for your bathroom

If you fit into any of three categories: 1) you’ve made a New Year’s
resolution to get rid of that old nasty bathroom flooring, 2) you have given up trying to clean the grooves of that old bathroom floor, or 3) your bathroom needs an inexpensive update to bring it into this era; then you’re on the hunt to find the perfect floor that is ideal for the unique challenges that come with bathroom flooring. Because of the moist environment, bathroom floors need to be mildew resistant and tough enough to handle water spills. Here are the top contenders ideal for your bathroom:

• Tile.
Ceramic or porcelain, doesn’t matter. Both kinds of tile are mildew resistant. They are also easy to clean and look beautiful. Ceramic and porcelain comes in virtually any color, and can be installed in a square or diagonal pattern.

• Slate.
Slate is a stone with a variety of colors and strengths. It also comes in large and small square tiles, and as long rectangular tiles for a modern look. Best yet, slate is durable and stain and water resistant, making it ideal for your bathroom.

• Vinyl plank.
Want the look of wood without the fear of a water spill? Vinyl plank flooring is your answer. With the durability, affordability and water resistance of vinyl, and the look of a wood floor (you can’t tell the difference!), vinyl plank flooring has a lot of benefits for any room in your house—including the bathroom.

• Vinyl sheet.
We would recommend vinyl sheet flooring in lieu of stick-
If water gets under vinyl stick on tiles, mold can form. Vinyl sheet flooring is water resistant, extremely affordable and durable. In addition, vinyl sheet flooring comes in almost any shape and color, and can mimic tile flooring so closely you almost can’t tell (until you touch it).

• Radiant floor heating.
We know radiant floor heating is not technically a type of flooring, but radiant floor heating is ideal for Midwestern homes. Radiant floor heating keeps your feet warm, and can be installed under almost any kind of flooring. If you want tile floors that are warm in summer and through our cold Wisconsin winters, radiant floor heating is right for you.

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