5 home projects you can get done in a weekend

5 home projects you can get done in a weekend

We don’t think we’re overreaching with this title. Believe it or not,
there are home projects you can get done in a weekend—and from start to finish, so get those pictures of torn apart, half-finished rooms out of your head. Then take a deep breath and start weighing your options. Which project makes the most sense for your home? Which home project is top priority? Don’t know where to start? Here’s five suggestions to help you decide which weekend home project should be at the top of your list:

1. Backsplash.
A backsplash is one of the most budget-friendly and economical ways to update your kitchen without a major kitchen remodel. With a million different options, it’s easy to choose a backsplash tile that matches your countertops and flooring. A backsplash is also an easy weekend home project that doesn’t require too many tools. For complete instructions, check out this article we found on the subject. Or, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, contact us about a professional backsplash installation.

2. Bathroom remodel.
Time to get rid of the pink tiles? Visit Y’s Way Flooring to see the latest styles of bathroom tiles and find out what other Wisconsin homeowners have done. If you’re on a budget and have a small bathroom to remodel, ask about ‘leftover’ tile that you can get for a cheaper price.

3. New floor.
Has your bathroom flooring seen better days? Was it a mistake to put carpet under your dining room table? Is your kitchen flooring a retro embarrassment? Check out new vinyl plank flooring which has the look of wood or stone, is water and stain resistant, and is easy to install yourself. If you’re not handy, turn your home project over to the professionals. With just one call, you could have new flooring by the time you get home from work. For other flooring options, come see wood flooring options, tile and carpet options that give your room a whole new look.

4. Clear out a room for carpet cleaning.
Okay, so this isn’t technically a remodeling project, but it is the key to giving a room new life. If you have carpeting that saw better days before your kids or pets started tracking through, give the carpet a new lease on life with a professional carpet clean. We’re not talking about those cheap carpet cleaners you rent at your local store, but a real professional carpet cleaner that can get rid of deep stains while using green cleaners. If you message us on Facebook, you can even coordinate your carpet cleaning project so you can clean out the room over the weekend and we can come Monday morning.

5. Tile your front steps.
We’ve written about the fantastic properties of porcelain tile before, but one of the most eye-catching is the ability to use porcelain tile outside. Easy to install with the proper equipment, porcelain tile can make a back patio or front step a show stopper. Best yet, there’s a million different color options of porcelain tile, so you can match your porcelain tile choice with the exterior of your home and dress up your exterior with earth tones or grey tiles.

If you need any help with preparing for your weekend home projects, want to see your options or are interested in carpet cleaning, contact us online or send us a message on our Facebook page. We can’t help tear out walls, but we can help with information on your options or with scheduling a professional to tackle those weekend home projects so you don’t have to.