5 holidays gifts perfect for YOU!

5 holidays gifts perfect for YOU!

Sometimes we feel like we need a holiday to recover from the
holidays. All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, shopping, wrapping, tree decorating…by the time the holiday parties are done, it feels like we need a reward for all the effort we put into the holidays. If you’re feeling tapped out, and are looking for the perfect after-holiday gift, we’ve got one of these suggestions:

Carpet cleaning

Tired of scrubbing all the soda and wine spills off the carpet from your holiday parties? Schedule a carpet cleaning after all the holiday gatherings are done. You’ll have clean carpets without having to lift a finger, and a chance to relax in a clean house.

Updated kitchen

You’ve been cooking in your outdated kitchen all holiday season, so why not go into the New Year with a kitchen you look forward to cooking in next year? Look into updated kitchen counter tops and a backsplash that gives your kitchen the finishing touch you’ve been dreaming of.

Man cave

Looking for a man cave to blow off some steam after the holiday rush?
Finish off your basement or a spare bedroom so you have the ultimate poker room or space to watch the game. Add flooring, if needed, and blinds so you can see the TV. Need a break from home projects after preparing your home for the holidays? Contact the professionals to install blinds so you can enjoy your new man space.

Easy to clean floors

For one of our customers, the last holiday season with carpet in their dining room was one holiday season too many. They were tired of the jello stains from their young children, and sick of trying to keep it clean. If you can identify with their plight, and have a hard-to-clean floor of your own, it may be time to investigate a new, easier-to-clean for your home. We’d suggest laminate, wood or luxury vinyl floors which are MUCH easier to clean in high traffic areas. If you want to save money on labor, look into a DIY flooring option.

Family room

After the holidays, it’s easy to get cabin fever once it becomes clear that the cold weather and snow isn’t going away any time soon. That’s why winter is an ideal time to finish your basement (find out what floors can be installed in a basement here), so your whole family can enjoy the gift that keeps giving: a hangout room.

If you have any questions about flooring (or backsplash options) or want to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, contact us. We’ll help you make your holiday even jollier so you can feel rewarded for all that effort.