5 floors you can install yourself

5 floors you can install yourself

Are you a master of the do-it-yourself kind of homeowner? Was the
term DIY invented with you in mind? We understand, and we have the perfect solution for you: pallet sales of flooring at our Lake Mills location. If you need flooring for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, or all of the above, pallet sales can be your answer: a large square footage of flooring for a great price. So grab your wallet and tool belt, and prove how handy you are after you install one of these DIY floors:


Laminate is a floating floor, which means installation involves sawing and connecting the boards together. Installation does require research and the right tools for the job so you can ensure the proper sub floor is under the laminate flooring and an efficient installation.

Laminate flooring has the look of wood flooring with the ability to handle even the most boisterous high traffic households. The only downside of laminate flooring is that it doesn’t handle water spills very well; a water puddle sitting on the floor can warp the boards and leave lasting damage. On the flip side, laminate is very affordable, easy-to-clean—and very durable.

Luxury vinyl

Many luxury vinyl products snap or adhere together, making it suitable for DIYers who want new, durable flooring they can install themselves. Luxury vinyl flooring can be glued or installed with grout.

Luxury vinyl flooring has come a long way in terms of style; today’s luxury vinyl flooring products look like wood flooring and are incredibly easy to clean. Because luxury vinyl flooring can handle water (and water spills), such as the water seeping through your basement concrete and humidity, luxury vinyl flooring can be installed in the basement.


We’re not going to lie to you: tile flooring installation is not the easiest
DIY project, but it’s not the hardest home project. Like laminate flooring, with the right tools and research, you can install tile flooring (and backsplash tile and shower tile) like a pro. Make sure you do your homework, however; improper installation can lead to cracking tiles, damaged grout, and a need to replace your tiles sooner.

Tile is incredibly durable, and comes in every shape or color. The newest trend is tile that looks like wood. If you are considering putting in radiant heating under the floor, tile flooring is an excellent candidate to install over the pad or radiant heating lines. You’ll get the ultimate in warm floors; tile conducts heat like a pro.

Engineered hardwood

Want a real wood floor without the dust and difficult installation? Engineered hardwood is your answer. Engineered hardwood floors are floating floors like laminate floors, but are real wood floors. Some engineered hardwood products can even be sanded down and refinished when needed, though engineered hardwood floors cannot be refinished as often as real wood. Installation is similar to other floating floor products; do your homework to ensure that you have the right sub floor underneath and the right tools to do the job.

With engineered hardwood, expect the durability of a wood floor and a weakness for water spills. Engineered hardwood floors come in wide or thin boards, depending on your preference, and in any color that a traditional hardwood floor can.

Vinyl tile

You can’t get any easier in DIY installation than vinyl tile. Vinyl tile sticks to the floor; all you have to do is make sure that you are laying the tiles in the correct pattern and straight. Just peel and stick.

Vinyl tile is the perfect floor for a basement because water does not affect vinyl flooring; we’ve even heard of vinyl tiles being under a foot of water in a flooded basement that were not damaged. Vinyl tile is ideal for spaces where durability is not an option.

Have any questions about installation? Want to see your options in person? Or are you looking for professional installation? Ask us on our website or Facebook page. We can answer your questions, and you can get a great-looking floor that you’re proud to have installed.