5 amazing benefits of installing luxury laminate flooring in your Lake Mills home

5 amazing benefits of installing luxury laminate flooring in your Lake Mills home

Of the many unexpected effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most beneficial is home redecoration — over 70 percent of Americans are planning on redecorating their homes. It’s clear to see why. When you spend so long inside, you’re going to notice flaws your home has that you never noticed before. 

One of the greatest things you can add to your home is luxury laminate flooring. You might not realize it, but great flooring can absolutely transform the way your house feels. 

If you live in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, and find yourself searching things like floor store near me, floor stores near me, flooring store near me, laminate store near me, and floor tile stores near me, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through 7 of the best benefits of shopping with your local flooring experts to deliver transform your home. 

1. Laminate is durable 

One of the biggest benefits of luxury vinyl sheet flooring is durability. 

Laminate is a multi-layer synthetic type of flooring designed to imitate the look of wood. However, the synthetic surface allows laminate floors are scratch-proof. The multi-layered approach means that you’re not going to wind up with any creaky floorboards. 

Laminate flooring is also moisture-proof. This means that you do not need to worry about your climate nearly as much. You can clean laminate flooring with ease, without worrying about the effects your cleaning products are having on the floor. 

Some people make the case against laminate flooring that it looks a bit “synthetic”. However, if you consider how difficult it can be to clean other types of floors, and the amount of damage hardwood floors can be subjected to, laminate floors actually wind up looking better.

Think of laminate floor as an investment into a quality product. 

2. It’s easy to install

The last thing you want is to be kicked out of portions of your house for long periods of time while your new floors are being installed. Luckily, laminate is easy to install. 

We recommend hiring experts to install your hardwood floor. However, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t be in your house for long, and you’ll quickly be able to see progress on your new floor.

You should also remember that laminate is a style of floor-covering just as much as it is a type of flooring itself. If you have stone or concrete floors, consider adding vinyl plank flooring to give your house a more welcome look and easy to clean surface. 

If you have to, you can tear up your laminate and add a new coat. If you move to a new house, you might even be able to rip up your flooring, take it to your new house, and lay it down there. How many other types of flooring do you know that could move with you

Vinyl flooring is the perfect style for the 21st century in how adaptable it is. It effectively allows you to treat your floor like furniture in itself. 

3. It’s good for the environment

These days, Americans are very concerned about the environment. If you’re someone who wants to eliminate your carbon footprint and care about keeping the world healthy for as long as possible, we recommend going with laminate flooring. 

Despite being synthetic, laminate flooring is made out of floor materials that help to reduce greenhouse gases. It does not require oxygen to produce, so it helps the environment stay healthy. 

if you ever have to throw out your laminate flooring, you don’t need to worry. Laminate is made of completely recyclable materials, yet again making it perfect for the 21st century. 

Our new age means that we’re going to reuse as much as possible. Laminate flooring is a step in that direction. 

4. Laminate has wonderful designs 

Unlike other materials, you can plan the patterns that wind up on your floor. Its layered structure means that the top layer doesn’t need to obey any specific constraint — it’s purely aesthetic. 

You can choose a natural-looking grey, black or brown if you want to go with a traditional aesthetic. Within this, you have the option between 1 strip, 2 strip, and three-strip patterns, each adding their own layers of visual interest. 

You can also go with designs that mimic parquet flooring, herringbone, tile, or any other style you love. 

Laminate doesn’t have a style in itself. Instead, it’s a durable, environmentally-friendly canvas for you to add your own personal style on top of. 

5. You can see it in person before you try 

This is not an advantage of laminate flooring, but an advantage of buying it in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Y’s Way Flooring has three locations where you can come and view wonderful examples of laminate floors. 

We understand that pictures don’t always tell the full story. That’s why we want you to come in and test out the quality of the flooring yourself. Feel free to walk on the floors and ask for demonstrations so you can better understand how it will look in your home. 

Make use of luxury laminate flooring

When you shop for luxury laminate flooring in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, you invest in a durable flooring that’s easy to install, good for the environment, and comes in many types of designs. 

If none of this has sold you yet, then you can come in and check out the laminate flooring for yourself before you undergo your own flooring installation. 

For more information, check our services page, and we’ll estimate the size and cost of your project.