4 floors perfect for gray rooms

4 floors perfect for gray rooms

They say gray is the new neutral, and it shows; gray rooms are becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes. Once you make your gray paint choice, though, your next design choice becomes obvious: what kind of floor looks best in a gray room?


Wood floors look great in gray rooms, and are available in almost any tone. In light gray rooms, medium and darker-toned wood floors create an interesting contrast. For darker gray paint tones, white-washed or lighter-toned floors can brighten a room. To see floors for your gray room in person, visit your local flooring store to see your options with your paint chip.

dark handscraped wood floorsThere are so many beautiful wood floors for your gray room decor, but there are reasons beyond looks that make wood floors an excellent option for any home. If you have kids and pets, hand-scraped floors can hide the wear and tear that come with an active household, and wood floors are known for their durability. When solid wood floors or engineered hardwood do scratch or fade, they can be refinished and look like new—for a long, long time. Wood floors are easy to clean, so it’s easy to clear the dust out of your home—a clear advantage for those allergic to dust and dust mites. Because of all the advantages listed above, wood floors are highly sought after by buyers and can increase the value of your home.

Laminate & luxury vinyl

DIY laminate floor in grey room with barstoolsLaminate and luxury vinyl floors are perfect for anyone nervous about the investment, and up keep, of wood floors. For dark gray walls, choose a light gray laminate or luxury vinyl floor to lighten up the room. A caramel-toned laminate or luxury vinyl floor also can look great in a gray room. If you decide on a lighter gray, a dark laminate or luxury vinyl can add interest to your room.

So which kind of flooring is right for your home? Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring looks just like wood, is incredibly beautiful, maintenance-free, easy-to-clean, and incredibly durable. Whatever you throw at these floors, they can take: high foot traffic, pets, and kids. Because it’s so tough, both floors can be installed in high traffic rooms such as living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, mud rooms, and foyers. To find out more about these great DIY flooring options, read more about the pros and cons of laminate versus luxury vinyl floors. If you’re serious about installing the floors yourself, visit our Lake Mills store for discounts on a large amount of flooring—and all the information you need for a smooth install and great-looking floor.


bathroom with grey walls and light tilesIn a kitchen or bathroom, tile is the perfect flooring option with gray walls. Today’s tiles even come in styles that closely (very closely!) resemble wood floors. For dark gray walls, choose a lighter tile, or a multi-colored tile pattern that plays off the wall color. If you have light gray walls, you can go with a darker-colored tile to give your room interest.

Tile is durable and can withstand any water puddles. If you don’t want the cold feel under your feet that comes with tile flooring, research whether radiant floor heat is right for your home. Because tile conducts heat, radiant floor heating keeps your feet warm all year-round so you can enjoy the look of your beautiful tile floors and gray walls.


carpet with strong pattern for grey roomIf you prefer a softer floor under your feet, a light or neutral-colored carpet looks great with dark or light gray paint. For more interest in a very neutral gray room, choose a carpet with a pattern. Want another flooring option for your gray room? Ask your local flooring store about getting a custom-made rug for your space. If you need to add interest to your room, choose a rug with a strong pattern or color.

neutral carpet with strong linear pattern for grey roomCarpet is one of the most popular flooring choices today, and it’s easy to see why. Carpet is soft, durable, and affordable. That’s why carpet can be used in any room: bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, offices and basements. Today’s carpets are built for durability that its predecessors could only imagine. Some carpet products are stain resistant, waterproof, antimicrobial—one carpet even freshens the air!—and all of them come in tones perfect for your gray room.