4 budget-friendly flooring tips

4 budget-friendly flooring tips

The reasons for floor replacement are endless: you’re sick of the rips, scratches, and stains; those outdated floors are, well, outdated; you need a better flooring that can take kid, pet, or heavy traffic… Whatever your reason is, or how big your remodeling project is, there are ways you can save money on your new flooring—even if you need

Look at floors that look like wood, but fit your budget.

dark laminate or vinyl flooring that looks like woodIf you love the beauty and durability of wood floors but can’t swing the cost of hardwood floors, consider a product that has the same fantastic look but a lower cost per foot (don’t assume that wood is too expensive though, request a quote to determine the full cost). Luxury vinyl floors, laminate, and even some tile products have the same look of a solid wood floor—and even have some other advantages over wood floors too.

Choose a DIY flooring option.

Labor costs can be the difference between a new on-budget floor and a flooring project that is out of reach. If you need budget-friendly flooring and have some basic DIY skills, pallet sales at our Lake Mills location may be the solution to your problem. Laminate floors, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, and tile are all fairly easy to install, and available for a discounted price for large square footage. To find out more, read about your DIY flooring options, contact us, or visit our Lake Mills store to see your options in person.

Consider carpet remnants.

carpet remnantsIf you look at the back room of any Y’s Way Flooring, you’ll find your BUDGET FRIENDLY answer: a remnant. Remnants are the remainder of a roll of carpeting that we can’t use, but you can. The best part about remnants is the low cost. Remnants are ideal for any part of your house that is not huge, but could use a cleaner, new carpet, such as bedrooms, hallways, office, stairways…the possibilities are endless when your budget isn’t.

Watch for specials.

Think ahead. If you know you’re going to need flooring for your space, follow your favorite flooring store’s social media site (like Y’s Way’s Facebook page!), or keep your ears open to find out when they run sales on carpet, tile, or whatever kind of flooring you’re interested in. You, your home, and your budget will be very glad you waited.