4 (beautiful!) outdoor ideas for porcelain tile

4 (beautiful!) outdoor ideas for porcelain tile

“Can porcelain tile be used outside?” The answer to this question is a resounding YES! In addition to being beautiful and coming in a variety of styles—any shape and color you can think of—porcelain tile is highly durable with a low water absorption rate. Most people think of porcelain tile for their laundry room, entryway, or mudroom, but porcelain tile can also be used in your outdoor design, or as an exciting design element in your next landscaping project.

Beautiful front walk

Want your home to make a statement? Start with your front walk, or any pathway around your property. If you have a narrow walkway, think of a small, narrow tile to make your pathway look longer.

Striking front porch

Increase your curb appeal with a unique front porch. Choose a beautiful porcelain tile for just your front porch, or continue your walkway tile right to your front door.

Tile patio

Class up your backyard grill area or outdoor kitchen with a tiled patio. Choose a neutral block tile or a brighter pattern to make your patio a show stopper.


Make your tile do double duty, both as a statement piece and as additional seating for guests. Build up a bench around the outside of your patio, and cover it with a blocky tile or a combination of mosaics and rectangular or square tiles.

Shopping tip: When shopping for flooring for your patio, balcony or steps, make sure you tell your salesperson that you are looking for tiles to use outside to make sure that you get the best outdoor product. Then, set up an installation date and sit back and admire your fantastic outdoor space.