25 floor cleaning tips for (almost) every kind of floor

25 floor cleaning tips for (almost) every kind of floor

It’s amazing how dirty floors can become, and how easy these floor cleaning tips can make them! Plus, we’ve included some easy tricks that prevent floor damage and embarrassing stains—even in the busiest of households.

Before getting out the mop, it’s important to note that not all types of flooring require the same cleaning. Wood floors, for example, can be damaged from using too much water or leaving puddles during cleaning. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of flooring cleaning tips specific to (almost) every kind floor in your home.

Tips for keeping floors clean

• Put down rugs by all exterior doors to keep mud and debris from getting tracked in.
• Train pets to stop at the door so you can clean their paws.
• Clean up spills as soon as possible!
• Always sweep or remove debris before mopping.
• Attach felt pads to furniture to prevent scratching flooring.
• When moving furniture, pick up the furniture so it doesn’t scratch the floor. (Try not to push or drag furniture.)
• Make sure you are using cleaners that are approved by the manufacturer so you don’t void the flooring warranty. (Contact local flooring pros for manufacturer-approved cleaners.)

Floor cleaning tips

Tile floor cleaning

• Regularly sweep or vacuum tile.
• Follow manufacturer directions for moping tile; some tile is soft (such as marble) and may come with special directions to prevent damage.
• Use a non-abrasive, manufacturer-approved floor cleaner to clean tile and grout. Be careful about using cleaners from household ingredients; some of these mixtures can discolor or damage tile.
• Clean up spills ASAP to prevent staining grout.

Luxury vinyl floor cleaning

• If vacuuming, purchase a vacuum that won’t scratch or damage the   luxury vinyl floor. Vacuum or sweep (with a soft-bristled broom)   luxury vinyl flooring regularly to keep the floor clean.
• Wait 48 hours (ask your installer for an exact time frame) after luxury   vinyl flooring to clean to allow adhesives to dry before you mop the   floor.
• For mopping, purchase manufacturer-approved cleaners so you   don’t void the warranty. (Local flooring pros often sell these products   and have this information.)
• Always sweep before mopping. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners   when mopping luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile floors.
• Avoid leaving puddles on the floor after mopping.

Wood floor cleaning

• Regular sweep with a soft-bristle broom or vacuum wood flooring to   remove debris and keep clean.
• If vacuuming, look for a vacuum that won’t damage wood flooring.
• Always sweep before moping.
• Use a manufacturer-approved cleaner and directions for cleaning;   this ensures that the manufacturer warranty is not voided.
• When moping, never leave puddles of cleaner or water on the floor.   This can stain and damage wood flooring.
• Never steam clean wood flooring. Steam cleaning can damage wood   flooring.

Sheet vinyl floor cleaning

• Sweep or vacuum sheet vinyl to remove small items and mud that   could scratch or stain flooring.
• Occasionally mop flooring with a soft mop and manufacturer-   approved cleaner. Make sure the floor dries when finished.
• Carpet Cleaning (and Area Rug Cleaning)
• Regularly vacuum carpet to remove debris.
• Schedule a regular carpet cleaning. (The exact schedule of the carpet clean depends on the household. Use these tips for setting a regular carpet cleaning schedule.

For spills on carpet:

• As soon as possible, absorb the liquid from a spill with a paper towel or a soft cloth.
• Test a manufacturer-approved stain remover in an area that is not visible (i.e. in a closet) to make sure the cleaner does not damage or discolor carpet.
• Apply the stain cleaner and gently dab at the spill. Do not scrub the spill hard; too much elbow grease can damage carpet fibers.